iFamilyKC Mom & Dad Squad

Join Moms Clubs, Parenting Groups, & other Communities in KC on our list. 


Are you a "plugged-in" mom or dad?  We're looking for moms & dads active in our community to become part of our iFamilyKC Mom & Dad Squad! ...Are you often out & about in Kansas City? 

iFamilyKC Mom & Dad Squad members engage with our audience on social media, as well as at KC events we host and attend.

What are the benefits of volunteering as iFamilyKC Mom & Dad Squad members?

iFamilyKC receives movie tickets for exclusive sneak previews, tickets to shows & other events around town, and free items to review. So, we share these opportunities and freebies with the iFamilyKC Mom & Dad Squad!

If you're interested in becoming one of our Mom & Dad Squad members, fill out this online application TODAY: