Kick It Foos

8166 Monticello Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66227

Nowadays fun is traditionally sought via some sort of electronic device. Kick It Foos owners, Lucas and Brittany, wanted a way that people of all ages could experience fun without being attached to a cord...or WiFi.

At Kick It Foos, we want people to be able to experience fun with the entire family the old-fashion way...good ol' physical activity.

We have taken some of the favorite classic family-fun games and transformed them into life-sized versions to allow participants of all ages and athletic skill levels to literally step into the games.

Our corner-stone attraction - Human Foosball Courts - are just like the table version of the game where foosball players (you) play soccer with two teams trying to score on each other by kicking the ball in to the goal...all without using your hands. It allows up to 14 participants (one goalie, three defenders, and two or three attackers for each team) to literally get into the game and compete.

Whether you choose to join us just for one game of Human Foosball or utilize our entire facility for a private event, we look forward to seeing your excitement when you come to visit.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we think people might have or are asked. If these do not answer your questions completely, please feel free to contact us for futher clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there an age requirement?
No. However, for safety reasons, there is a HEIGHT (40" shoulder height) requirement to play Human Foosball. This allows the players to be able to reach the poles and still be able to see the field in order to play the game. We find that this requirement is typically met by 8-9 years old. Smaller children are more than welcome to play the other life-size games if accompanied by an adult when the use is included in the purchased package.

Do people that are not playing have to pay?
Yes and No. For any event that does NOT include private facilty rental (Amateur, Rookie, and Semi-Pro), all non-paying spectators will be asked to remain in our spectators waiting area at the front of the facility to minimize congestion and increase safety for all the participants. If it is an ALL youth party, then we will allow 1 adult for every 6 children in for free as chaperones. However, if chaperones decide to play, they must pay.

Events that include a private facility rental include access to all games for the entire duration of the event. So, any guest of a private facility rental event who is old enough to walk must pay when they are a part of a group participating.

Do you have staff that watch the kids during parties?
Having fun is our #1 priority at Kick It Foos. With that being said, we must make sure we provide a safe environment for everyone to have fun in. We provide a game facilitator / referee during rentals. They are there to enforce rules. However, please keep in mind that they are NOT there to watch your children. You are responsible for your children and ensuring they respect our facility. If participant behavior threatens anyone's safety (including their own), they may be asked to leave without refund.

Is there anything to do besides Human Foosball?
ABSOULTEY! We currently have Foot Pool, life-size Connect 4, Kurplunk, Tick-Tac-Toe, and Yahtzee.

Where do we park?
There is a parking lot in front of our facility to use for parking. However, please keep in mind that we share a building with multiple bussinesses, so parking is not unlimited. Whenever possible, please consider car-pooling to reduce parking frustrations.

Can we bring outside food or drink?
Some of our rental packages allow you to bring outside food and non-alcoholic drinks. This is clearly labeled on the description of each package. If this is something you'd like to do, please be sure to select one of those packages when booking.

Do you serve or allow alcohol?
We are not allowed to have alcohol on our premises. However, we are conviently located within a short driving distance of many of Kansas City's area entertainment districts with multiple options of establishments that would be happy to serve you after play time. For everyone's protection we reserve the right to refuse service, without refund, to anyone we find inebriated.

Should I show up early for my reservation?
We highly suggest showing up 5-10 minutes early for your reservation time to allow time to get everyone checked-in. This will help ensure you are ready on-time and can enjoy your entire reservation time.

Making sure everyone in your party has a completed waiver prior to arrival will significantly speed up the check-in time. If you need a waiver, please select either an ONLINE WAIVER or PRINTABLE WAIVER.

What if we are running late for our reservation time?
Please call so we know you are still coming. The reservation will still end at the end of the pre-determined time. If you are more than 10 minutes past the scheduled time without a call, you may forfeit your reservation.

Can I reschedule or cancel a reservation?
You may reschedule any reservation up to 2 weeks in advance. There is a $50 fee for reschedules less than 2 weeks in advance. There are no refunds for reservations.

Who needs to complete a waiver?
Every participant needs a signed liablity waiver on file prior to participating. If the participant is under the age of 18, his/her parent / legal guardian must fill the waiver out for him/her but does not have to be present when the child is visiting the facility. Waivers can be filled out online or downloaded from our website.

Do I need to complete a waiver if my kids have been there before?
Waivers are valid for one year. If the children's names are provided in advance and waivers are confirmed, existing waivers will be honored. All participants under the age of 18 need a waiver completed by their parent or legal guardian. We encouarge all party parents to check and double-check this as we cannot allow anyone to participate without a waiver.

Can I sign a waiver for kids of the party that aren't mine?
No, waivers for minors (those under the age of 18) MUST be completed by the mionr's parent or legal guardian.