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Welcome to Just Between Friends: The Nation's Leading Children's and Maternity Consignment Sales Event Franchise.

HUGE sales this fall in Lee's Summit & Overland Park!

Just Between Friends is a Shopper's Dream!
Just Between Friends Sales events are a savvy shopper's dream!
These are not retail stores but rather savings extravaganzas--shopping events that happen usually twice a year per location. At these events, consignors bring their new and gently-used children's and maternity merchandise to sell. Shoppers can then browse and purchase these items at great savings, usually far below retail prices.

Only the Best Items at Great Savings!
Just Between Friends hosts these events in clean, well-organized venues where shoppers can find all they need for their family at substantial savings--usually 50 to 90% off retail prices! Merchandise is inspected to insure only high quality items will be sold. At a typical Just Between Friends event, you can find clothing, toys, baby equipment, strollers, high chairs, cribs, joggers, nursery gear, maternity wear, baby carriers, play yards, play sets, coats, shoes...well, you can see the list of items just goes on and on! And so do the savings!

You can Make Money too!
Those who discover Just Between Friends as shoppers quickly become consignors, selling their items to make up to 70% on sales! They sell the items they no longer need as their children grow and then purchase what they DO need at great savings. It's a savings cycle that has helped thousands of families across the country make the most of every budget dollar. You can sign up online to be a consignor with your local JBF sale. A free, easy-to-use online tagging site is also available, so you can price your items for sale and output tags in a matter of minutes! Plus, it's so much fun to get your consignor check for your item sales—usually just two weeks after the event!

SAVINGS that HELP the Local Community.
Just Between Friends is glad to serve families with their savings events. Just Between Friends events are proud to partner with local charities who also benefit from these events. A portion of proceeds and/or unsold, donated items are given to non-profit groups who use the clothing and funds to help local families in need. JBF is happy to be a part of helping at this local level.

You just have to See it to Believe it!
Still unsure what this is all about? Then try it! Find the sales event closest to you and see for yourself! Once you discover Just Between Friends, you'll be as excited as everyone else about the savings!

Click here to find the sales event in your area!

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