Escape Artist KC

408 B E. 18th St

Kansas City, MO 64108

The Escape Artist is a live-action brainteaser and Interactive Learning Experience & we've got an EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF coupon! PLUS, check out the grand opening of Escape Rooms for Kids!

The idea is that your group of up to 8 people is put in a room and given a short back-story to explain your mission, the rules, and how everything works...

The game is to uncover clues, find items such as keys or hidden messages, solve riddles, unravel brainteasers, and crack codes, which, in combination, lead to a solution or key that will allow your group to solve the puzzle.

The tricky part? You only have one hour! Your team must work together or suffer in defeat!

 It truly requires all types and levels of thinking, intellect, and skill to beat the clock and win the game.


Between $19 and $25 per player, based on group size.

You pick the difficulty level. Choose from the Difficulty Levels below:

Teen / Adult / Advanced / Mixed

Room Themes:

The Toy Shoppe - Designed for children (6+) and young adults, but suitable for any age.

Puzzle Master's Playroom - Designed for players 12+ years and older 

Toy Shop: SVU - Designed for players 13+ years and older

Appointments are required. CLICK HERE to book a room today! 

Our Story: The Puzzles at The Escape Artist KC

The Escape Artist KC opened almost five years ago on August 1st, 2015, and at the time it was one of three escape puzzle businesses in Kansas City. It was the beginning of a brand new form of entertainment; life-size games and puzzles for adults. It started in Asia and Europe and had finally made its way to the states. I had gone to my first puzzle in June. I immediately saw the appeal and the wave that was obviously coming and The Escape Artist KC was open within two months. (Its in the crossroads arts district - hence the name Escape Artist.) We opened our first puzzle called, “Broke, Broker, Broken,” about a real estate broker missing along with millions in company funds, some very valuable property deeds, and his fiery mistress Maria, and we were off to the races. The next year and a half was a blur. We worked very hard….A lot of the time just to keep the puzzle in good enough shape to survive the onslaught of almost non-stop appointments day after day. When things finally slowed down, I had time to plan and build a second puzzle, pieces of which adorned my house for weeks as I plotted and planned. I built a room like nothing I’d ever seen or heard of even after having been in the industry for awhile and of course working diligently at seeking great ideas for the new puzzle. It’s an original to be sure…                                                                            

We had both rooms running for about another year before Broke, Broker, Broken had finally run its course.  It was getting difficult to book a group without a member that hadn’t already been through. Plus, there was a piece of equipment; a grate, that was on the verge of breakdown and it was the last of seven that I had purchased when I opened. It was time.  

This left us with a dilemma. The escape business had and has been steadily dropping off for some time as new competitors enter our arena and spread available business thinner and thinner. I have always welcomed new players and the chance to compete room against room, but the market was saturated at this point.

It was my considered opinion that adding yet another room to the deluge of new rooms opening or recently opened in KC wasn’t the answer. I wanted to stand out from and even apart from the rest.

In my mind this left me with only one option. I needed a gimmick to stand out. In the escape business when you think gimmick you think zombies or horror of some kind. The problem there is that it’s been done and done well, and frankly, a lot of people are not interested in horror type rooms. What to do?

That’s when it hit me! KIDS. I realized that the escape room industry has been pigeon holed as an adult activity. So much so that we actually avoided having children participate (for some very practical reasons) - kids tend to see the things in the rooms as toys instead of props, and as any parent knows they can be very tough on toys. I decided that it would be hard, but if I could do it, it would be hard for other competitors to

follow me. After that it didn’t take much to realize that this was the option that suited us best - I like being out front with an idea. Now all I had to do was design and build either a nearly indestructible puzzle room or one that is engaging enough to make the kids forget how much they like to break stuff. I believe I managed to find a line right down the middle… In January this year, we opened and began beta-testing…

Ages 6-9

The Toy Shop Puzzle is for ages 6 and up*, and is adjustable in difficulty.

This puzzle is designed as an interactive and fun learning tool made to engage young minds.

Certain fundamental concepts are introduced indirectly in a colorful living-cartoon game with a need for just enough parental guidance to make the shared experience special.  Your participation as an adult is required as some of the items may be difficult for young children to grasp without help… Please guide them along and work to help them stay focused on the tasks at hand best you can…  

Ages 10-12

The concepts introduced at this level are a step more difficult and a little more independence is generally preferred.  Some adult help is still required, but for the most part as young minds are challenged the opportunity to see them fully engaged grows greater while the clock forces a higher level of engagement and focus  so these opportunities are somewhat super-charged.

The Puzzle Master’s Playroom is for ages 13 and older.* All of our puzzles are great for adults too.

Our Puzzle Master loves to play games, and the truth is he has a very strange perspective and thrives on illusion and deception…

It's frustratingly cool, mind bending, dynamic, intensely fun, and best of all... Lasers. 

*An adult must be present, but does not have to participate with the group.        

We are able to make a mixed ages combined puzzle as well.

*At least one adult must participate with the group.

This puzzle is made to be fun for kids and parents alike!

You can leave a note when booking to further customize the experience. (ie.Birthday, etc.) 

After building the Toy Shop, attempting to keep it running was the great challenge. In the beginning, every single group that went through broke the puzzle in at least two different ways and we had to close it. Since then, the puzzle has been modified, reconfigured and updated many many times until it all works. (finger’s crossed) At this point we realized a few more things about kids and young-adults and about using the puzzle for team building and esteem building which prompted us to open  

Toy Shop: SVU, which is the Toy Shop Puzzle with a more mature theme and a bit more difficulty added for the older kids and adults. All of our puzzles are great for adults too. 

The Toy Shop: SVU is for ages 13 and older, and is also adjustable in difficulty.  

Choose Difficulty Level: Teen / Adult / Advanced / Mixed                                                                                                 

Now, we’ve entered the new world of Covid-19. We, like many, were closed down. Now we’re back and doing everything we can do to keep our customers safe when they are in our care. (For more info re: our response to Covid-19 see our webpage.

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