Escape Artist KC

408 B E. 18th St

Kansas City, MO 64108

The Escape Artist is a live-action brainteaser and Interactive Learning Experience & we've got an EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF coupon! PLUS, check out the grand opening of Escape Rooms for Kids!

The idea is that your group of up to 8 people is put in a room and given a short back-story to explain your mission, the rules, and how everything works...

The game is to uncover clues, find items such as keys or hidden messages, solve riddles, unravel brainteasers, and crack codes, which, in combination, lead to a solution or key that will allow your group to solve the puzzle.

The tricky part? You only have one hour! Your team must work together or suffer in defeat!

 It truly requires all types and levels of thinking, intellect, and skill to beat the clock and win the game.


Between $19 and $25 per player, based on group size.

You pick the difficulty level. 

Room Themes:

The Toy Shoppe - Designed for children (6+) and young adults, but suitable for any age.

Puzzle Master's Playroom - Designed for players 12+ years and older 

Toy Shop: SVU - Designed for players 13+ years and older

Appointments are required. CLICK HERE to book a room today! 

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