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14 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling

The world is a scary place and it gets scarier with every news story that scrolls across the screen.

Now, especially that I have kids; I am a lot more safety conscious. So, check out these safety tips for traveling with kids


#3 Be weary of the “Do Not Disturb” sign

Please don’t be my husband when he travels! He always puts the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. That just tells people that you aren’t there and if they are really paying attention they can track when you come and go! Most hotels will let you just call housekeeping instead to ask for your room not to be cleaned. This way it won’t cause additional attention to your empty room.


#4 Handle important documents & money wisely

Carry just one credit card and photocopies of important documents. Divide money for small and larger purchases so you don’t have to expose a wad of bills. And try not to carry large bills when possible. Become familiar with foreign currency before you need to use it so that you aren’t fumbling or accidentally give them too much or too little.


#7 Get creative in storing your valuables

Have you heard this one yet? Store any extra cash in a wrapped up diaper? Another one I saw was a tampon box. Unfortunately, now that everyone had heard of this then every thief will look there. So how about a shoe or in a soap box that you get from the hotel. Just think like a thief for a moment!


#8 Consider portable security features

Portable security features. Door alarms that can easily be carried on, as well as door jams that are a lot easier than using a chair jammed under the door knob. Think of this too if you happen to have adjoining rooms with someone you don’t know. Or a door that faces into a parking lot or courtyard.


#9 Get a second key

The front desk always asks me if I want one or two keys. I usually say one because it is hard enough keeping track of everything unless I am traveling with someone else so they can keep track of one too. But I came across a good tip. Keep two hotel keys with you — one in your bag and one on your person. That way if your bag is taken, you change wallets or purses or you leave it somewhere, at least you aren’t locked out of your room!


#12 Trust your instincts

Speaking of which—it is always okay to turn down help with your bags, an invitation to dinner or a drink! Don’t be afraid to be rude if it means feeling safe. And trust your instincts about when to accept help.


#13 Remember — well lit & public areas

Along those same lines, do you know that it is your right if you get pulled over by a policeman that you can wait until you are in a well-lit and public area to actually stop. Now you can’t just floor it to try and get to the closest mall; you have to make an effort of slowing down and signaling that you are intending to pull over. You can also ask to see his/her credentials (badge, ID) before you roll down the window. Just keep in mind that you need to explain what you are doing as you are doing it, otherwise you can look a little sketchy. There are so many stories out there of people traveling alone being pulled over by someone impersonating a police officer.


Now that you are truly scared and probably will never leave your house, let’s take a step back. Chances are nothing will probably happen to you, but I promise that those chances skyrocket when you aren’t protecting yourself with just little things that you do on a daily basis. Don’t take for granted that “this is a small town” or “we are in the Midwest, what could happen here!” These types of phrases are usually the first thing that get us into trouble.