152 Things to do with Kids: Affordable Spring Break Ideas for Families

Spring Break…a time filled with endless opportunities for exploring with the kids and taking a few days to just be.

But we can all agree, finding fun things to do is easier said then done. If you’re reading this and wondering, “When is my kid’s Spring Break?” we’ve got you covered.

We compiled a list of 152 Budget Spring Break ideas for families, so your kids never get bored. (Without spending a ton…)

Spring Break Ideas for Kids n

Things to Do on Spring Break with Kids

Find things to do on Spring Break ideas below! Activities, games & inspiration for your family’s Spring Break…in Kansas City.

Pro-Tip: One fun way to get the whole family involved is to print out and share this list with your partner and kids.

Have each person choose their favorite activity to complete together over Spring Break.

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When is Your Child’s Spring Break is? Find the complete list of Spring Break dates in KC.

Cheap (or FREE) Spring Break Ideas:

  1. Host a Hula Hoop Contest
  2. Go Swimming (Indoors)
  3. Take a Neighborhood Walk or Nature Adventure
  4. Get Outside for a Bike Ride – there are lots of great trails around town
  5. Grab a POGO Pass & get tons of things to do
  6. Try a New Restaurant (Where do Kids Eat Free in KC?)
  7. Go on a Shopping Spree at Dollar Tree
  8. Host an At-Home Bake Off
  9. Host Friends for Game Night or hold a Family Game Night
  10. Make your own Pizza Night
  11. Learn Something New – Take a Class
  12. Visit Your Local Library to explore their programs for kids!
  13. Try Frozen Themed Yoga with the Kids (Thanks Youtube!)
  14. Get Out for a Game of Frisbee Golf
  15. Go on a Geocache Adventure (fee to download)
  16. Explore a Kansas City Parks & Trails
  17. Have Your Child Teach You Something
  18. Visit Distant Relatives (if they’re close)
  19. Explore downtown KC
  20. Go fishingif it’s warm enough!
  21. Get To Know Your Neighbors
  22. SHOPPING SPREE…at the Dollar Tree!  (This is my kiddos favorite & less than $5!)
  23. Spend Time at the local Playground
  24. Or, explore the Best Playgrounds in KC
  25. Create an obstacle course in your backyard or inside if it’s cold
  26. Visit the Nature Center
  27. Spring Cleaning! …take advantage of those extra helpers for the week!
  28. Explore Crown Center
  29. Create at Kaleidoscope
  30. Grab an Ice Cream Cone
  31. Take the kids to B&B Theatres for Screen Play! (Tuesdays at $2 OFF)
  32. Host a Picnic in the Park
  33. Check out the Best Camping Spots near you
  34. Go Camping in the Backyard or living room (if you want to stay home)
  35. Explore Science City
  36. Ride the KC Street Car
  37. Go to a Royals game
  38. Road Trip to Topeka
  39. Road Trip to Jefferson City
  40. Day trip to St. Louis
  41. Or, head to Branson for the weekend
  42. Take a Day Trip or Weekend Trip
  43. Make a Fort…pillow fort?
  44. Volunteer at Wayside Waifs
  45. Have Family Photos Taken
  46. Let the Kids Adventure in Photography Outdoors
  47. Play Hide and Seek
  48. Play Laser Tag at Paradise Park or check out their other SPRING BREAK DEALS! (Closed Temporarily.)
  49. Host Spring Break Olympics
  50. Sit Down for Breakfast with Your Family
  51. Get Caught Up on Organizing
  52. Have the Kids Create their own Homework
  53. Visit Deanna Rose Farmstead (Open April)
  54. Explore the Kansas City Zoo
  55. Take a Stroll Around the Plaza
  56. Explore a Hiking Trail You’ve Never Been To
  57. Have the Kids Write Short Stories to Read Aloud
  58. Consider Adopting a New Family Friend
  59. Or Just Foster One Temporarily
  60. Start Your Garden
  61. Host a Lemonade Stand
  62. Deliver Lemonade (or other foods) to Your Neighbors
  63. Plan Your Dream Vacation
  64. Use That to Inspire A Mini-Vacation
  65. Add Some Flowers to Your Front Door Step or Plant a Garden
  66. Play a Round of Mini-Golf
  67. Design Your Own Scavenger Hunt
  68. Write a Letter to a Friend
  69. Find some Sand for a Sandcastle
  70. Make up Your Own Game
  71. Create a Recipe from Scratch….cookies anyone?
  72. Get Dirty – Play in the Mud
  73. See If You Can Find Lightning Bugs at Night
  74. Plant a Tree
  75. Join a Club or Group
  76. Make a Bird Feeder
  77. Shop at your Local Farmer’s Market
  78. Volunteer with your children in KC
  79. Visit a Local Farm
  80. Open Your Child’s First Bank Account
  81. Organize Your Bedrooms
  82. Stay In Together With Your Family
  83. Go Out and Go Bowling
  84. Visit the WWI Museum
  85. Visit The Nelson-Atkins (for FREE)
  86. Host a Car Wash
  87. Have a Water Fight
  88. Paint a Picture
  89. Watch the Sunset
  90. Let the Kids Move Furniture in the Living Room
  91. Host a Bonfire & Roast Marshmallows
  92. Host an Outdoor Movie
  93. Paint Your Nails & Toes
  94. Paint Your Full Body (outside…of course)
  95. Bake a Cake or Cookies and Deliver to Someone in Need
  96. Visit a Local Retirement Home
  97. Create a Sidewalk Masterpiece with Chalk
  98. Act Out Your Child’s Favorite Book or Movie
  99. Enjoy the Stars
  100. Watch an IMAX Movie or Extreme Screen at Union Station
  101. Go Horseback Riding Through the Trails (Sunset Trails)
  102. Visit the Botanical Gardens
  103. Run through Loose Park
  104. Decide On Your Easter Plans
  105. Decorate the House for Spring
  106. Write a Book for Your Child and Have Them Read It to You
  107. Go Bird Watching
  108. Make a New Friend
  109. Jump around at Sky Zone or Urban Air
  110. Create a Spring Bucket List for the Next Month
  111. Cut your Hair at Shear Madness
  112. Host an Eating Competition (How many peeps can you fit in your mouth..?)
  113. Host a Tea Party
  114. Take a Cooking Class at Taste Buds Kitchen
  115. Tie-Dye Something…or everything
  116. Make your own frozen treats (Walmart sells the molds)
  117. Race Go-Karts
  118. Make a Ribbon Wand & Play Fairy
  119. Explore Pinterest for Food Ideas
  120. Paint a Room
  121. Host a Culture Night with Food and Music from Another Country
  122. Let Loose and Sing Loud to Your Favorite Soundtrack
  123. Let the Kids Give You a Makeover
  124. Stay In Your Pajamas All Day
  125. Go for a Drive and Get Lost
  126. Take a Day (or Week) Off from Electronics
  127. Do Meditation with the Family
  128. Spend Time Re-Connecting with the Kids
  129. Play Twenty Questions
  130. Visit the alpacas at Yaya’s Alpaca Farm
  131. Learn to Code
  132. Take an Aerial Fitness Class
  133. Have a Day Where You Do Nothing
  134. Host a Choose Your Own Adventure Party
  135. Get Up to Watch the Sunrise
  136. Stay Up Way Too Late
  137. Let the Kids Be Parents for the Day
  138. Unplug Everything in the House and See What Changes
  139. Host a Staring Contest and Try Not to Laugh
  140. Do Something Out of the Ordinary
  141. Go on a Late Night Donut Run
  142. Make Bunny Bait
  143. Have a fashion show…or just dress up.
  144. Host a concert for your child’s stuffed animals
  145. Have a family pillow fight
  146. Host a sleepover (or send your children to a sleep over…)
  147. Go Fly a Kite
  148. Turn up the music for a dance party!
  149. Snuggle with your children & watch a movie at home.

We hope this list helps spark inspiration for your own Spring Break ideas to do with your family.

If you think of more ideas, drop them in the comments below! We are always looking for new fun and family-friendly ideas.

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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