The Kansas City Renaissance Festival: Full of Fun Things to Do With Kids

Huzzah! Fairies, Kings, Queens, wisps and everything in between can be found at one of the most fun things to do, the  Kansas City Renaissance Festival!

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Kansas City Renaissance Festival

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Seeing everyone in their costumes, hearing the music, meeting the King and Queen, participating in the royal precession… it is so magical.

If you have never been to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, it is a long-standing tradition for the KC area. The Ren Fest is filled with fun things to do, including a variety of live shows & tournaments, authentic rides, unique arts and crafts, and of course amazing food and drinks!

The KC Ren Fest is open September 1st through October 14th on Saturday and Sundays, except for Labor Day and Columbus Day. Find hours, themes, events & more info at the KC Ren Fest Website.

In addition to the discounts that can be found on their website (i.e., College Student day discount, Military Day discount, Scouts Day discount, City of Residence discounts, etc.) there are ways to get coupons or advanced tickets at participating Subways, Casey’s, Minsky’s, Dillons and Hy-Vee stores.

It is always a great bonus that there is free parking too.

Pro tip: It’s better to order in advance by purchasing online or calling – the tickets are $2-3 cheaper that way

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KC Renaissance Festival

KC Ren Fest Themes:

  • Buccaneer Beer Fest – Sept 1,2,3 (Best Beard Contest) 
  • Highland Fling – Sept 8,9 (Best Kilt Contest, Bingo)
  • Ales and Tales – Sept 15,16 (1/2 price dog entry of $5, State Longbow championship)
  • Shamrocks & Shenanigans – Sept 22, 23 (State Fencing championship) 
  • Wine and Romance Delight – Sept 29,30 (Wedding of the Century, Ladies Shopping Day) 
  • Passport to the World – Oct 6,7,8 (Fantasy Mask competition, Steampunk costume contest)
  • Harvest Hurrah – Oct 13,14 (Fairy house auction, Candy corn relay)

Kansas City Renaissance Festival – Full of Fun Things to Do

Most kids activities are free with festival admission, so you will not be paying a lot for additional things to do. Your kids can be knighted in a knighting ceremony in the kids’ realm too!

There are some things that cost money like the giant bungee bounce or swing, but I think it is totally worth it.

You can also see this time period in action through chainmail making, blacksmithing, jewelry making, woodcarving, cooking, leather works, and more trades.  IHES even offers classes in many of these trades from 8 am to 4:30 pm at the festival. You can learn first hand how people worked back then! visit the Historic Arts website for additional class info and pricing.

KC Ren Fest

Daily Royal Events & Themes

There are “Daily Royal events” that can be added on to ticket prices: Queen’s Tea, Fairy Time Treats, Royal Pub Crawl, Beer and Bacon Tasting, Royal Wine Tasting, Chocolate and Mead Tasting, Royal Romance Package & Clue Pursuit Escape Rooms. You can find more details about those on the KC Ren Fest website.

New this year, the Whiskey & Bourbon Tastings that are a part of the Daily Royal Event. The KC Ren Fest also improved the Battle Axe Pub, Giant Puppet Troupe, Bow Blast, Bloody Mary Bar, new performers, more opportunities for photo ops.

There are also daily contests based on the theme weekends! So, get dressed up to enjoy the festival.

Columbus Day Weekend is Kids Day, where adult tickets will be discounted to $15, students grades 7-12 $13, and grades 1-6 $9. These deals are only available if you purchase KC Ren Fest tickets online.

Pro Tip: Crack open a Dragon Egg with your kids to get a beautiful crystal to take home with you!

KC Ren Fest


KC Ren Fest Pricing

Adults: $22.95
Kids 5-12: $13.95
Senior/Student: $20.25
Kids 4 and under are FREE

Top Five Reasons to Take Your Kids to the Renaissance Festival

If you’re looking for something a fun autumn family activity, I highly recommend loading up the SUV and heading to the Renaissance Festival.  There are many reasons I love the festival, but here are my top five:

5. Get Some (relatively) Fresh Air.  

Too many of our children spend all of their free time glued to electronic devices. The only trees and grass they experience are the pixelated versions they have created on Minecraft. The KC Renaissance Festival is completely outside, with the exception of a few of the shops, and the first aid area. So, get out and explore the festival!

4. Stretch Your Legs

You’ll get plenty of exercise walking from booth to booth and between shows. There is also a free kids’ area where kids can run, jump, climb and slide. It’s a great way to burn calories, which you will need to do because of all the delicious food there. Plus, the kids will be ready for a nap when you get home!

3. The Food! 

…Need I say more?

My favorite Renaissance festival food is the apple dumpling.  Who doesn’t love a deep-fried apple, served with ice cream and caramel syrup?  If apple dumplings are not your thing, there are plenty of KC Ren Fest favorites.  You can get deep fried everything, from cauliflower to cookies. I rarely leave any festival without trying a funnel cake…but without a doubt, the KC Renaissance Festival’s most popular food item is the Giant Turkey Leg. There is nothing cuter than watching a tiny person trying to eat a giant turkey leg.

2. The shows 

There are gymnastic feats and acrobats, people hula-hooping with fire, and some of the funniest pub songs you will ever hear. Take your kids to watch a jousting match and let them cheer for their favorite knight. The shows also serve as a great way to rest your well-exercised legs between stretches of walking. KC Ren Fest definitely has great quality shows for your family to enjoy!

1. Character Bingo 

Collect a bingo card at the gate, and let each of the characters you meet sign mark your card.  There’s a prize for winning bingo cards at the end of the game. It will keep your children observant for the day, but there’s also a secret history lesson. The actors are not supposed to break character have researched their roles.  Last weekend, Queen Isabella, explained to my daughter each of her official royal titles. It was impressive.

And it’s a great way to see the entire festival…seriously, there are games and shops, and for the second year, an Escape Room.  It is fun for the whole family.

renaissance festival

We hope your family enjoys the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this Fall! There are tons of fun things to do for the whole family. From giant turkey legs to shopping for ornate eggs, The KC Renaissance Festival has something for all! Be sure to Enter to Win a family 4 pack of tickets to KC Ren Fest! …someone’s gotta win. 

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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