19 Family Game Night Ideas: Have a Fun Night Together!

It’s hard to find time for family game night ideas. But once in a blue moon, we get a “free night”.  …What’s a free night?

The most cherished nights of the year. No one in our family has practices, rehearsals, or meetings.

It’s easy to go to separate corners on these nights, but because of busy schedules, it’s important to spend quality time as a family.

But, what game night activities can we do together, that (hopefully) won’t end in a mess, or a fight? We’ve found great family game night ideas for YOU!

Fun Family Game Night Ideas

Family Game Night Ideas:

Bring your Family Together

Gone are the days of hours-long Monopoly marathons & our kids playing with boxes.

Luckily, there are fun game night ideas for every age!

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Family Game Night Ideas for All Ages

Here are fun games for the entire family!

  1. Pie in the Face:  Ever wanted to smush a vat of whipped cream in the face of a loved one.  This game does exactly allows you to do that without getting your hands dirty.  The game is different every time.  The first time we played, a kid got hit with a pie on the very first turn.  It can be messy, but the laughs will abound.
  2. Speak Out/ Mouthful: This game will have you rolling on the ground laughing. Try to guess each card with a ridiculous mouthpiece in your mouth. It is hilarious & your family will spend hours playing.
  3. Headbands: This is one of our family’s ultimate favorites. If you give hints to the little kids, even they will enjoy trying to guess the item attached to their heads.
  4. Fast Facts: This game goes by quick.  There is trivia about American History and pop culture.  These are things all of us should know, but most of us probably don’t.  “Do you know who the 18th President of the United States is?”  I didn’t, but your kids might have studied it in school recently.  So don’t be surprised if you lose.  Also there are questions about movie and music stars I have never even heard of.
  5. Charades: Act out each thing while trying not to crack up. This is sure to be one of your favorite family game night activities.
  6. Would you Rather: Have fun choosing between 2 scenarios…which would you rather do?

Family Game Night Ideas for Younger Kids

  1. Chutes & Ladders: You can’t go wrong with this classic.  The rules are simple and the game play is fairly quick.
  2. Mustache Smash. This twist on the classic matching game assigns everyone a wand with a mustache, and you have to pick up facial hair that matches either the shape or the color of the one on your wand.  Just be careful nobody’s hands get smashed in the process, especially when the free for all “mustache smash” card is played.
  3. Hoot Owl Hoot is a game that requires no reading, encourages teamwork, and has the bonus feature of everyone being s winner of the task is completed successfully.
  4. The “Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That”  is a fun game that will keep the kids entertained, and will get them up and moving.  While there is some reading involved, the pictures on the instruction cards give the kids context clues and can help them figure out what they are supposed to do.

Game Night Ideas for Elementary School Kids

  1. Operation: Even kids who have mastered the reading, writing, and arithmetic can always work on improving motor skills.  There are small pieces, so skip this one if there are toddlers involved.
  2. Uno Attack: This game has been updated and mechanized to shoot out random amounts of cards to players who are unfortunate enough to have to draw.  Fair warning.  Read the rules.  You’ve likely been playing it wrong your whole life.
  3. Five Second Rule: This game will challenge your kiddos to be creative.  They have five seconds to come up with a random list of 3 things.  Be warned.  Kids say the darnedest things, especially under pressure.
  4. Pictureka: Are your children terrible at finding things?  Well be prepared to be amazed at all the things they manage to find in this game. They can’t find the left shoe which is clearly under the table.  But looking for a random cartoon drawing hidden amongst other random cartoon drawings, no problem?
  5. Pictionary: Are your kids great drawers? It doesn’t matter with this game. Have fun with your family guessing each other’s drawings.

Family Game Night Ideas for Older Kids

  1. Apples to Apples: This game isn’t just a game comparison as the name suggests.  It’s more a game of word association, and trying to figure out how each player thinks.
  2. Scene It!: This trivia game can either focus on classic TV, movies, or even Disney.   There are puzzles that use, movie clips, pixelated photos, and even identifying the actor based on a list of their works. This is also a fun party game.
  3. Clue: There are electronic and even DVD versions of this “who done it?” classic, but nothing beats the original.  Add some fun by making everybody dress up like their character.  Okay, maybe that’s going too far for some of you, but not me. In my house, costumes are a bonus.
  4. Card Games like spades, war,


Family Game Night Snack Ideas

Everybody loves to eat!

The last thing Mom should be doing is slaving over a hot stove, while the family enjoys family game night!

You want to stick with grab and go meals if you can.  Check out our favorite ideas.

  1. Chicken Wings: Grab and Go at it finest.  These can be homemade, ordered in from a restaurant.
  2. Mozzarella sticks:  deep fried cheese is not the healthiest option, but it might just be the most delicious.
  3. Tacos: You can fit all the food groups into a handheld pocket.  Tacos are convenient and tasty at the same time.  These can be substituted with nachos.  All the same ingredients in bite-sized portions
  4. Carrot/celery sticks and dip.  You have to have something to healthy to balance out all of the other options.  Handfuls of grapes also work.

The point of game night is family fun time, but there are a few rules that must be followed.

Family Game Night Rules

  1. Everyone must participate.
  2. No cheating. No sore losers.
  3. No electronics!!

That last rule can be tough, especially for teens and parents.  But disconnecting from the outside world is a small price to pay for reconnecting with the people you love most.


Family Board Games for Game Night

1. Heads Up

This game is super fun! You can use the app or buy the box game at most retailers. We use the app (free) and let me tell you this, it gets pretty serious! After you pick a category, the other players on your team will give you clues and you must answer as many as you can before time is up!

2. Spoons

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

This game is another game that gets serious lol. Placing 1 less spoon than there are players in the circle, the dealer passes out 4 cards. Everyone passes one card to the left simultaneously, the dealer draws one card and the person right of the dealer discards one into a separate pile. The goal is to get 4 of a kind (4 aces, 4 queens etc.). Once you have your 4 pick up a spoon or if someone else grabs a spoon quickly grab one! You don’t want to be the last one to grab a spoon!

3. Life

My kids love playing Life. Giving them the option to choose their own paths lead to pretty interesting outcomes!

4. Uno

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

Another game that gets serious in my family! Now that I think about we may take games a little too serious lol. Uno is a classic game that just about anyone can play! Just remember this, trust no one in UNO! No alliance is bigger than a draw four!

5. Family Feud

You can buy this game at most retailers. We love the show and while this may not be as fun as the show or Steve Harvey, we still have a good time.

6. Mad Gab

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

This game is guaranteed to get you thinking. Players read cards with random words on them and when they read them out loud, you try to guess what they are saying. Example, “Wander Her Womb Hen” that would sound like Wonder Woman. This game is such a fun one!

7. Catchphrase

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

This game is very similar to Heads Up. The only thing that is different is going fast so you don’t end up with the device! The team that doesn’t have the device when the timer goes off gets the point!

8. Minute To Win It

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

This is where you can get really creative! Think of small tasks like trying to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth with no hands, and try to complete it in less than a minute! This game really has no rules so you can do whatever you want! Just make sure it’s less than a minute.

9. Phase 10

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

This game is perfect for older kids or for those that like a challenge. This deck comes with a phase list. Each phase has a different requirement. The first one to get all the Phases wins! You can also find this at most retailers.

10.Go Fish

10 Fun Games for a Great Family Game Night

If you have younger kids, this will be one of their favorites! I know my kids love it! Instead of using number cards, opt for the themed ones. Most stores have them for $1!
I hope these games will give you some ideas for your next Family Game Night! What are some of your favorites? Share with us in the comments!

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We hope your next family game night is filled with fun and laughter. Let us know how our family game night ideas went down at your house in the comments below! 🙂

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC.