Epic Dinosaur Road Trip Exhibit at Union Station

If you haven’t seen the huge dinosaur outside Union Station, you’ll want to drive by the check it out with the kiddos. But why is it there?

Union Station just opened their newest exhibit in Kansas City – Dinosaur Road Trip! Find all the details about the exhibit below:

Dinosaur Road Trip Exhibit in Kansas City

Dinosaur Road Trip: What is It?

Take a trip through prehistoric times while also experiencing some of the greatest roadside attractions across North America. This isn’t a deep science exhibit, but rather a fun family-friendly adventure with dinosaurs, your family & Elvis.

You’ll visit 26 animatronic, life-size dinosaurs and 18 states across the country, starting on the west coast in Los Angeles and traveling your way on route 66 to New York City. Along the way, there will be stops in Las Vegas, Graceland, Capitol Hill, St. Louis and more. Do not forget to stop at an interactive presentation about our very own Kansas City fossils!

When we walked into the exhibit, we were greeted right away by the first animatronic dinosaurs.

They roared and posed as they stood next to a house for scale. We followed the lit raptor feet onto the next show.

Real Life Comparisons

The greatest part of the Dinosaur Road trip was seeing all the dinosaurs next to real life attractions you can see today. Make sure to look for the “Selfie Spots” for the best photo ops! They have them placed in the best spot not only for your selfie but for the dinosaurs to come to life!

These marvelous monsters roar and move as if they were the real thing! They have sensors and timers to make sure you get the most of your dino-tastic adventure. Watch out for their tails though, as they move too.

dinosaur road trip union station 6

As you follow along on Route 66, taking in the roadside attractions and animatronics, take a rest and learn about fossils found in our hometown. That is right, an expert guide will present to you, up close and personal fossils found right in our back yard! It is a great time to ask questions and discover just how the fossils came to be.  

When you hop back on the road you will travel by Graceland, Elvis’ home but watch out for the triceratops in his front yard. You may even be able to see Elvis himself if you look hard enough. After you pass through, make your way to Capitol hill guarded by stegosaurus!

dinosaur road trip union station

If you feel like you have seen all the dinosaurs, just wait until you make it to New York City for the one and only Tyrannosaurus Rex in the middle of Time Square. This was by far our favorite part as the T-Rex roared and whipped his tail back and forth as if he were about to trample everyone!

Our Thoughts on the Exhibit?

All in all, this is a great family adventure for parents and kids alike!

There is so much to learn and see in one of the best exhibits in Kansas City put on by our very own Union Station. Close to home while still getting a chance to see the great frontier! You will not want to miss out on this!

More Info:

Dates: The dinosaur exhibit opened July 3rd & runs through January 6th, 2021. You have plenty of time to visit!

Ticket prices: $8-$12 depending on age & if you have a membership. Tickets will be sold in limited quantities to adhere to distancing guidelines and ensure the safety of each guest.

You can find event info & pricing details on our event calendar. To learn more about the exhibit, visit Union Station!

We hope your family gets a chance to come visit the exhibit this Summer/Fall.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC