4 Things to Do at Cave Springs Park: Kid-Friendly Hiking

Looking for a way to get your family out of the house and active? There are many hiking trails around Kansas City, like Cave Springs Park in Raytown, MO!

…who knew there were caves near Kansas City?

The Cave Springs Park offers 4.5 miles of trails & 39 acres to explore. If Raytown is too far away for your family, there are other fun parks in Kansas City you can explore like Loose Park!

One of the most unique hikes near Kansas City is Cave Springs in Raytown…

Also known as William M. Klein Park, this place to hike has multiple things to do that make it fun & engaging for the kids, while also getting active with your little ones on a fun family day!

Cave Spring is also a great place for a picnic – there are dedicated picnic areas scattered around the park. You can check out these other fun picnic spots near you too!

Hike Cave Springs: Caves Near Kansas City

The park is open from dawn to dusk, with tons of signs in the park to show you the way. 

It’s free to hike, so if you’re looking for free things to do in Kansas City, this is a unique option. 

There’s a map at the bottom of this article. Or you can also stop at the visitor’s center and grab a map!

Things to Do at Cave Springs:

The following are our favorite destinations on our kid-friendly hike:

1. Hike to the Cave

The main attraction at Cave Springs is obviously the cave. While it is small, it’s unique to find caves near KC. 

If you’re looking to get to the cave quickly, just follow the signs pointing to the cave. Once you are on the main road from the Visitor’s Center, you will start to see the signs. 

The cave is small, and you can no longer go up inside of it, but definitely still worth checking out!

2. Explore the Stream/Waterfall

Depending on the time of year you go & how much rain KC has gotten, you can see a waterfall/spring on the trail. 

Even though it isn’t a huge waterfall, it’s still beautiful to look at. Your children will find it intriguing since they are younger. 

You can have lunch near here, or find a picnic table around the park!

3. The Chimneys

The Cave Springs Park has a rich history as part of the Santa Fe & California Trail, a golf course in the 30’s, as well as a previous home to Native Americans.

Homes used to be on the property, but now all that is left are the chimneys. You will walk into a clearing with stone chimneys scattered about. You can almost feel the history when you walk up…

It’s a shaded area, so another great option for a picnic!

4. Hide Raytown Rocks (if You Find One)

If you find painted rocks on your hike, these are known as “Raytown Rocks”. Carry it along your hike, then hide it in a secret location for the next person to find. 

You can also bring your own painted rocks if you want to keep the tradition alive and thriving…

Map of Cave Springs Park:

To make it easier to find your way, here’s the map from Jackson County Parks & Rec

Cave Springs Park Map Kid Friendly Hiking

Overall, Raytown Cave Springs is a great place if you are kid-friendly hiking. It’s not too steep or too long, so your kiddos can handle it. If they need to turn around, it’s not too far of a walk back due to the loops that the park has incorporated. 

If you don’t have children on your hike, it’s still fun to explore the nature and history of Cave Springs. When you combine the different offshoots and loops, you can create quite a long hike (if you want).

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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