5 Best Parts of Cave Springs in Raytown, MO: Kid-Friendly Hiking (Caves Near KC)

Looking for a way to get your family out of the house and active? Take a hike with your family at Cave Springs in Raytown, MO!

…who knew there were caves near Kansas City?

One of our favorite weekend activities is to explore the various hiking trails around Kansas City. One of the most unique hikes near Kansas City is Cave Springs in Raytown. 

This is one of our favorite places to hike. It has a lot of “attractions” that make it fun for the kids and allows for multiple stops along the way. Plus, get active with your little ones on a fun family day!

Cave Spring is also a great place for a picnic. You can check out these other fun picnic spots near you too!

Things to Do at Cave Springs:

The following are our favorite destinations on our kid-friendly hike:

1. The Cave

This is always our first stop… when you go to a park named Cave Springs it just seems right that the cave is your first stop.

While the cave is not much to look at and could probably only fit five adults, it is the perfect cave to spark intrigue and imagination in kids. This attraction in Kansas City allows your children to test their courage by entering the cave without the threat that comes with more traditional spelunking.

My oldest daughter gets a little bit braver with each visit, making it the perfect Goldilocks challenge.

2. The Cascades

I am not totally sure what the true definition of a cascade is or if this would qualify. The name and the pictures on the internet make one think they are going to witness a real piece of grandeur. However, I do think this “waterfall” destination is dependent on the weather.

We have seen the casades at several different levels. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful landscape and makes for great pictures in the morning. It is similar to the cave in that in the mind of a child it is just big enough. It offers those perfect challenges that nature is so great at providing.

The fun and imagination keeps building as your explore through the Raytown Cave Springs!

3. The Chimneys

While this last stop is not one made by nature but rather man, it is still an interesting attraction. 

As you walk up the trail, you start to see chimneys in the treetops until you come to a clearing that is full of old brick chimneys.  If your little explorer’s imagination isn’t sparked to life by the ruins am not sure what it would take.

This is where we usually stop for a snack break. You cannot take children on a hike or long journey & not pack some snacks. It would be mutiny for sure.

4. Explore the Tree House

There is a Scout Camp with a tree house right before the above-mentioned cave, but we have never gone to play on it. Or, at least that is what it looks like from the trail.

This could also be a highlight destination along the hike.

5. Hide Raytown Rocks (if You Find One)

The other bonus that is really fun about this hike is “Raytown Rocks”.  These are painted rocks that are hidden along the trail. If you find one you are supposed to carry it with you and re-hide as you hike.  Or at least that is what we do.

The kids love this because it is like a treasure hunt. They get to try and find a good hiding spot before we leave. We always go and check the spot when we come back to see if the rock is still there. This is a lot of fun for the kids!


Overall, Raytown Cave Springs is a great place if you are new to hiking because it is close to town, clean and offers a series of loops (so if you walk long enough you will always end up back at your car!)

Seasoned hikers will also find this to be a fun hike because the trails loop and cross enough that you could put together a substantial hike and not have seen the same scenery over and over. Getting kids outside and on trails is a must in my book, the fresh air does amazing things to their personality and they get so many opportunities to test their courage and strengthens their decision-making skills for the rest of their lives.

What are your favorite trails or hacks for taking small children out into nature?

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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