Why Ignoring Software Updates Can Harm Your Devices

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As parents, it is our job to ensure that we’re protecting our family online and at home.

…did you know, there’s one simple thing you’ve probably been ignoring that’s putting your family at risk?ignoring software updates

Let’s talk about why ignoring software updates can harm your devices (and your family).

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Why Ignoring Software Updates Can Harm Your Devices

It never fails. You’re working hard on your computer, smartphone or tablet and that annoying message pops out of nowhere saying “a software update is available”.  In most cases you click “cancel” instead of “install”, saying to yourself “I’ll get to it later. But you never do them. Does this sound familiar?

The truth is it’s easy to get in the habit of skipping software updates because they don’t seem that important and they take so darn long to install. But not doing them allows cyber criminals access to your personal information, putting you at risk for identity theft, loss of money, credit, and more.

How do they do it?

You remember the Equifax data breach, right? Well did you know a hackers were able to access Equifax’s data because they failed to perform software updates?  It’s true.  Hackers were able to break in through a known vulnerability in a web application. The sad part is that a fix for this security hole was actually available two months before the breach.

Software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security holes.
It doesn’t matter if it’s for Microsoft Office, your computer, or an update for your browser, updates do more than just give you new features or make changes to your software that sometimes do more to confuse you than help.

Computer manufactures are constantly bombarding you with updates to make your software run efficiently and to protect you from vulnerabilities that hackers find and try to exploit. The bonus is software updates can add new features to your computer or smart device that allows them to have new features that will make your tech work with the latest stuff on the market.

When vulnerabilities are found, software developers release an update or a patch. These patches are important and should to be installed as soon as they pop up on your device. If you ignore them, it opens the computer to cyber-criminal compromises because of the “un-patched” vulnerability. This becomes dangerous because the vulnerability can then be exploited by hackers who don’t need to use Internet scams to get into your computer; they can simply take advantage of the flaw to get your information.

Here are some tips to follow to keep you safe.

Understand that keeping your Anti-Virus software up-to-date is critical. This protects you from the latest threats.

Enable auto-update for software on your computers, smartphones and tablet. If you can’t enable auto update, make a habit to regularly check for and apply  updates.

Before downloading any software or apps, read the reviews first to make sure it’s safe to install. Hackers love upload fake programs that are designed to steal your information.

Keep on top of the latest threats so you know how to protect yourself from online threats.

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