DIY Slip & Slide: How to Make a Slip & Slide at Home (Instructions)

Summer is here, so it’s time to cool off outside! Playing the sprinklers can be fun, but what’s better than a DIY slip and slide?


So, learn how to make a slip and slide at home! It is super easy to make & will last all summer long. Find the ins and outs of creating your own slip and slide now:

Fun for the Weekend: Create Your Own Slip and Slide

At our first summer party, we had an impromptu adult slip and slide, and it became a must-have for our party.

This year, we are teaching you how to make a slip and slide for your family – suitable for everyone! You could even build the slip & slide a massive 100ft long…

Create Your Own DIY Slip and Slide:

We purchased a garden soaker hose this year to use instead of a sprinkler. I think it worked much better.

We hope your family enjoys summer activities like this and many others! The DIY slip and slide is great for a summer cookout, backyard BBQ or to just play around in the water…

How to Make a Slip & Slide

How to Make a Slip & Slide

Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 6 mil. Painter's Tarp
  • Pool noodles (Get a package of 10 noodles online)
  • Duct tape
  • Garden soaker hose


  • Scissors
  • A Hose (to test)


1. Buy what you need:

Head to your local hardward store or order the products online from a place like Home Depot.

We always make our slides out of painter’s tarp, which you can get at a hardware store. The higher the mil number the thicker (and tougher) the plastic. We try to get 6 mil. You can use any size you would like for your slip and slide. We usually use 20 x 50 ft, or plan for a huge slip & slide with 100 ft.

Pro tip: keep people from sliding off of the sides of your slip & slide with pool noodles! You can usually buy a huge package for under $10. 

Fun for the Weekend: Create Your Own Slip and Slide

2. Spread out the tarp & get out the hose. Then, lay out the pool noodles along either edge of the tarp leaving enough plastic to wrap around them.

**Grass underneath the slip and slide will die, so keep that in mind when you decide where to place the tarp.

Fun for the Weekend: Create Your Own Slip and Slide

3. Once you have the noodles placed, pull the edge of the tarp over the noodle and duct taped it down on the plastic part of slide.

You could tape it to the noodle, but you will likely take a chunk of the foam off when you remove the tape. We wanted to be able to reuse our noodles, so we tried to not get any tape on them. Yes, the noodles did shift a bit as the day wore on, but not badly.

4. After your noodles are all taped in, flip the tarp over.

I was worried we would not be able to flip it without noodles falling out or without getting it tangled somehow, but this step surprisingly went well.

After flipping the slip and slide over, the breeze may catch the slide, so you can grab tent stakes to secure the corners. Covered them up in duct tape for good measure.

Fun for the Weekend: Create Your Own Slip and Slide

5. Finally, it's time to use the slip and slide...slide time!

Wet the slip and slide for about 10 minutes before use. Build up a good stream of water, so there are no dry spots - those will hurt when you slide down.

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I cannot even count how many times we all went down that slide. My backside was so sore the next day!

All said and done we spent about $200 on this thing. The big expense was the tarp (5x100ft).

**If you buy a smaller tarp, or reuse one at the house, it will be much more affordable. So get out there and enjoy these final days of heat! And don’t let the kids have all the fun.

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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