How to Make School Fun for Kids: Make Learning Fun Again

How to make school fun? That is the everlasting question of parents.

Transitioning from summer back to school can be tough. But if you make learning fun for your kids, it can be easy!

How to Make School Fun for Kids

Make School (& Learning) Fun for Your Kids

If your kid is a bit reluctant to start school this year,  you can make it a bit more fun.

Some kids are homesick, while others wish summer could go on a little longer. Don’t we all…

Even if your child is excited to return to school, these ideas are still fun and easy.

You can also use these Back to School ideas & first day of school picture ideas to spice up the 1st week of school with some fun. Check it out…

How to Make School Fun?

Even though parents aren’t at school throughout the day, there are things you can do to make school fun for your little students. It is important to make learning fun for your kids so school can be fun and enjoyable, as well as educational.

Learning can be a lot for kids sometimes (especially when they are at school for 8+ hours), so add a little fun back into their school day with these fun tips for parents!

Take First Day of School Photos in a Theme of Their Choosing

Moms love to take photos, so why not let the kids have some fun too? Make the first day of school a themed photo shoot. (My kids love superheroes, so we made a cool backdrop) If you need inspiration, check out our first day of school picture ideas.

If your kiddos feel like they got to pick their photo, it involves them and makes things more fun for everyone

…and avoids a meltdown when they take 1st day of school pictures.

Backpack friend

Make school fun with a back pack friend!

I developed this idea last school year as a way to help my daughter transition into kindergarten. Drop off time was challenging, so I devised a plan to make her a friend that she could carry in her backpack.

I found a coloring image of a teddy bear (choose any character that your child may like) and made two copies. I made it small enough to fit in my daughter’s pocket. We each colored the bear and inside the heart we kissed our bears with a little lipstick. I sprayed a little perfume, lavender for calming and told her that she could take my bear to school with her. If she felt lonely she could hug her bear and I carried her bear in my purse to think of her. This helped calm her and made the transition a little easier. She calls it her ‘Kiss, kiss bear’.

Pack a note

Finding a surprise message or drawing answers how to make school fun for kids of all ages. Try leaving a note, a joke, a doodle, or a comic in their lunch box or notebook.

Many kids love surprises and they don’t have to be lavish. You can use your imagination on this one!

Maybe your kid loves comics- you could cut a strip from the morning newspaper or create your own. You could leave your child a quick note to have a good day, jot down a silly joke, or draw a silly picture. Either way, your child will find a little joy in their day. You could even make learning fun in school by using vocabulary words or other concepts your kids are learning in your notes!

Let Them Dress Themselves

Everythings is more fun when you get to show your style. Even though their outfit may be totally wacky, it can be a silly way to make learning fun.

plus it is one less thing you have to do in the morning.

Get Creative with Lunch

I enjoy going to the store and finding fun additions to lunch that are healthy.

I have found yogurt tubes with secret messages, crackers with letters and numbers or shapes on them, food items they can customize, and my personal favorite turning their food into creatures. Google search can provide you with a lot of ideas.

Character or prank sandwich bags are fun too! Playing with their lunch can be fun for both you and your child. Lastly, if you want to get them involved, have them pack your lunch also! The point is to keep it fun and simple, as we all know…lunch isn’t very long.

If you need fun lunch ideas for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Schedule a School Visit

Some kids really enjoy having their parents visit them at school…and maybe bring along a special lunch.

They feel proud of what they have done and all that they know. It can make learning fun if you stop by to check out their work!

If you don’t have a lot of free time, stop by for lunch or drop them off a little early to have time to walk them in.

Parents with more time could volunteer at the school on a regular basis and support their child’s classroom. No matter how much time you have available, the smallest gestures mean the most to our kiddos.

Practice Learning Games at Home

Make learning fun at home with these 10 educational websites for kids. Practicing certain concepts a home, in a fun environment, can make school easier for your kids. They will be better equipped for new material and feel more comfortable in classroom settings.

We hope your family uses a few of these ideas about how to make school fun for your kids. Sometimes students need a little spark to get excited about learning again. Maybe one of these ideas will do the trick!

Do you have other ideas? Drop em in the comments so we can add it to our list!

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