Back to School Pictures (First Day of School Picture Ideas!)

We can all agree, first day of school pictures are a parents favorite part of the first day of school. Pictures on the first day of school are a must…

Our children love to choose their back to school outfit and take tons of pictures with my friends. So, check out these back to school photo ideas below:

First Day of School Picture Ideas

Back to School Pictures…for the Memories

Pictures of “back to school” season are cherished by every parent. (& will be cherished by your children as they get older)

Our kids grow and change so quickly that back to school pictures are the perfect memento to remember their little selves forever! So, use these photo ideas to make memories of your child’s first day of school. Or, find unique places to take photos in Kansas City!

You can also make the first day a little more fun with these school lunch ideas. Or heading back to school less chaotic for your family.


First Day of School Picture Ideas:

This year, why not try and shake up those back to school pictures with these fun ideas!

Happy Mom Photo– We have all seen those funny first day of school pictures on Facebook where all the kids are lined up with a look of dread and a  pout on their faces. Meanwhile…Mom and Dad are literally jumping for joy. Use this back to school moment for a funny memory years later.

Chalk Art– If you have a steady hand and excellent penmanship, this idea for a back to school picture  would be perfect! Since it’s still technically summer, head outside and create a beautiful picture featuring your kiddo and their grade number! Or let the kids get creative with their own design.

First Day/Last Day– Our kids change so much within the year. A First Day/ Last Day of school pictures are a perfect way  to capture their growth in a year. Snap a first day back to school picture and the last day of school photo in the exact same outfit to see just how much your kiddos changed!

About me photo- This one requires some tech skills. Create a custom back to school design with photo editing software!  Add a few special things about your kid including their age, teacher, and grade. If you don’t have any photo editing software, try using one of my favorites, (plus it’s free). This back to school picture idea gives you and your kids the perfect memory!

DIY Frame– Possibly one of the easiest DIYs around. Make a custom frame out of a sturdy board (cardboard, foam board etc..) Cut a square large enough to “frame” your child’s upper body and then decorate as you wish. Add school colors, favorite characters or other back to school pictures. Don’t forget to add their grade!

Make a Banner – Spell out your child’s grade or school name on a banner. Take pictures on the 1st day of school with them holding the banner. It will be adorable, plus help you remember which year it was once your child has tons of photos from school…

Class of _____ – Even though your kids may not be graduating, having a sign with their graduating class is a fun way to count down their school years. Plus, you can use the sign year after year! You can also have them add their signature to their sign to see how their handwriting has changed as well.

Books in hand- A fun and creative back to school photo idea would be to photograph your child with some of their favorite books, backpack, or school books in tow! Want to make it even more special? Snap this photo in front of their school or their school bus!

My teacher and ME!– If you are able to walk your child into school on the first day, why not grab a picture with their teacher? It’s a great way to remember your child on their first day, plus you will remember that teacher for years to come.

Not back to school day– As a homeschool mom, you know I gotta throw a fun idea out there for my fellow homeschoolers. On our first day, we have a “not back to school day”. We go somewhere fun or out to a special breakfast/brunch and I take that first day of school picture. (mostly with them just running around smiling)

With your Pets- Pets are definitely part of the family…the first day of school is no exception. Grab your furry fam for a cute family photo on the front porch. It is fun to watch your pets and kids grow together over time.

Back To School Shirt– Possibly one of the cutest first day of school photo ideas is a hand print shirt that tracks each year! Grab an adult size shirt and print/write your kids name and graduating year. On the back, print/write each grade and have your kid put a handprint above it! I wish I would have done this for my kids way back when! It is a great back to school photo idea plus it may serve as a graduation outfit!

Balloon Arch– With school supplies and a new wardrobe, getting the kids ready to head back to school can start to add up quick. A balloon arch is a budget friendly idea for first day of school pictures. Grab an array of balloons (whoop whoop Dollar Tree) and then tie or tape them together and arrange them into the shape of a rainbow and tape it to a wall! Easy peasy back to school photo shoot!

Back To School Garland- Another fun diy for back to school pictures is a garland with their name and/or grade. You can either print and cut your own letters or buy premade ones, punch two holes at the top of each letter and thread yarn/jute/string through the holes and voila! These diy garlands are perfect for the first day of school, especially for the younger kiddos!

Photo within a photo- On the first day of school, have your child take a photo. Then  the following year, have your child take a picture of them holding a picture from the previous year. Continue this first day a school picture routine until they graduate and they will have one of the best back to school pictures ever!


As you prepare for the hustle and bustle of the first day of school, remember to take a moment to grab as many fun back to school pictures as you can…for the memories!

Have other first day of school picture ideas? Hit us in the comments below:

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