Back to School Ideas: First Week of School Tips for Parents & Kids

Summer has come and gone and Back to School time is here once again!  Getting back into the routine of beginning a school day can be a little chaotic that first few weeks…

So, here are some Back to School tips on surviving the first week of school!

Also, check out these back to school picture ideas to always remember the first day of school.

Back To School

The lazy days of summer are fading away and the mornings will now be filled with school runs, finding lost shoes, and attempting to get out the door on time.

Thankfully, it does not have to be as stressful as it could be.

We found the best back to school ideas and tips to make everyone’s morning go a little smoother. Check it out:


The Best Back to School Ideas & Tips

…Essential to survive the First week of School.


Make Dinners Ahead of Time

Freeze dinner early or make it in the morning.

One of my favorite things to do to add ease to our evening is freeze dinners ahead of time! There are many great crockpot freezer meals you can make! Take time to make your families favorite meals or make extra portions in the days leading up to school. Cooking dinner will be one thing you can check off of your to-do list!

You can also make easy crockpot dinners in the morning if you aren’t able to freeze many meals at a time.

Plan School Lunches (& Make Them Fun)

Plan your child’s lunches for the week ahead and stock the fridge accordingly.

Eliminating any unnecessary shopping trips will make your life a lot easier. Even better, have your kiddos help you with your list (with guidelines, of course). If buying lunch is an option, give them a chance to choose a “special day” to buy lunch.

You can also find school lunch ideas for kids! These will make lunchtime a little more fun the first week of school.

& Plan your Outfits the Night Before

…even for you mom!

It seems so easy, but I think we forget how much easier this extra back to school trick makes the morning. Even if you can’t lay out what to wear every morning, at least choose the first day of school outfit early.

Give your kiddos a to-do list in the morning!

Make a chart that will make it fun getting all their tasks completed.

Getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and gathering up their jacket, lunch and book bag! This is a great back to school idea to get your kids into a routine again.

Create a Dedicated Homework Space

Make a dedicated homework space so your child knows exactly where they should do their school work each day. This should be an area separate from the TV or any other distractions. Another idea is to set them up in the kitchen next to you while you are reheating your freezer dinner or making lunches for school tomorrow because you are on top of it!

Listen to the Experts for Kids

If your kids are going through a change at school or worried about school for the first time, read advice from experts. Chances are, most kids have gone through something similar. Find info from groups like The Family Conservancy, who specializes in children & families.

The Family Conservancy gave us some back to school tips for kids to help them get into the swing of things easier. Check it out now!


Celebrate the First Day of School

Take First Day of School Pictures

Make sure to snap the first day of school pictures!

Celebrate the first day of school with a special photo opt. You can look back on the photos to see how your kiddos have grown over the years. They really do make great memories AND get the kids a little more excited about school.

Make a Fun Breakfast for the First Day

One of our favorite back to school ideas is to make their favorite breakfast or try a new breakfast idea.

Kids love a good surprise…so why not first thing in the morning?

Start the first days of school with a positive outlook

Take advantage of breakfast time and ask them about what they are looking forward to about their day. Also, check in at the end of the day and ask specific questions about school. This helps to see if you need to make any changes in their routine.

Celebrate with an Activity

There are tons of fun things to do around Kansas City. Take the kids out to celebrate their First Week of School with a family activity. You can purchase a POGO Pass and receive 16 kids activities for less than $40! Purchase a POGO Pass for ONLY $39.95 with code ifamilykc. This is a steal. 


Whether your kiddo is starting a whole new school or just jumping up a grade we need to remind our kids that everything is going to be ok and we have their backs.  Give them your time, attention and extra hugs this week.  I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for starting school on the right foot.   Have a great first week back to school!

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