How to Make a Severe Weather Preparedness Kit for Your Family & Pets

Hello, Kansas City! It’s that time of year again — temperatures will start to rise, flowers will start to bloom, and severe weather will rear it’s ugly head. With severe weather already creeping it’s way into the forecast, our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, has a great list of items to have in your preparedness kits to keep your family and pets safe! Check it out…

How to Make a Severe Weather Preparedness Kit for Your Family & Pets


Although I love Spring, I always dread the storms it can bring. A rainy weekend with a cup of tea and a good book is my heaven; but waking kids and herding animals into the basement to wait out tornado sirens is more like hell something else. Unfortunately, when tornados or sever weather hit, we do not always get much notice. That is why it is so important for your family to be prepared for the worst. We have always kept a disaster kit in our basement, but now that we’ve moved, I realized we didn’t have all of our stuff together. As I began making my list of what I needed to collect, I realized that others may benefit from seeing what we keep on hand. Here is a list of what my family of four keep in case of a disaster.

In a brightly colored backpack:

1. 1 gallon of water
2. Non-perishable food (granola, jerky, dried fruit, boxes of soup)
3. A first-aid kit (bandages, alcohol wipes, children and adult Tylenol, prescriptions)
4. 3 flashlights with extra batteries
5. Walkie talkies
6. A whistle
7. Deck of cards
8. 2 plastic tarps
9. Feminine care items
10. Hand sanitizer
11. Paper towels
12. Toilet paper
13. 2 blankets
14. Matches in water-proof container
15. Garbage bags
16. Utility knife
17. Cash
18. Battery operated radio
19. Power cords
20. A small pot for cooking or boiling water
In basement/shelter:
1. Per person: Thick soled shoes, jeans, t-shirt, underwear, socks and jacket
2. 48 bottles of water + 3 more gallons
3. 3 containers of emergency food
4. Fire extinguisher
5. Sleeping bags
We have several pets, and it is important to consider them when you prepare as well.

Here is what we have packed for our pets (cats and dogs):

1. 2 gallons of water
2. Extra collars, harnesses and leashes
3. Packets of food (remember if you have cans, you may need a can opener in your kit as well)
4. Collapsible bowls
5. Plastic bags for waste
6. Pet carriers
7. Blankets
8. Pictures of pets in case you get separated
9. Any meds your pets may need
Often in cases of a disaster, you may lose contact with extended family. A couple years back my dad made us all sit down and come up with plans of where family would meet in case we couldn’t get in touch with each other. It may be a good idea for you to consider neighbors, family and friends and create a plan. There’s no such thing as being over prepared. Hopefully you never need to evacuate your home, but someday you may. Having these things on hand could invaluable.

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