5 School Halloween Party Ideas for Kids – Celebrate Halloween at School!

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time for a Halloween party! But, you can make your kid’s Halloween classroom party fun without adding lots of sugar and hyper kids to the classroom. (or your home)

School Halloween Party Ideas

Preparing costumes, stocking up on candy, and decorating your porch are hard enough without having to plan a Halloween party


Let us help! Check out these 5 ideas for your kids’ school Halloween parties this year…

Looking for Halloween snack ideas for the classroom? Check out these 12 Halloween-themed treat ideas that kids love!

Halloween Candy Buy Back

#1 DIY Halloween Games & Activities 

DIY Halloween games are a great way to celebrate parties at school. Most of the time they are cheap and use items that you can find at home such as ghost bowling.

Items: bowling pins or empty water bottles, crepe or toilet paper, googly eyes or black paper and a small ball. The kids can even help prepare the activity.


#2 Skip the Sweets 

Non-candy Halloween treats are a delicious and healthy idea for the classroom party.

Check out these 83 Halloween Candy Alternatives for the classroom for ideas.

There are a lot of fun and healthy alternatives that can be made at home and sent in without giving every child a sugar buzz. Mini mummy pizzas, ghost bananas, and spider crackers are just a few ideas to get you started. If you need inspiration for Halloween snack ideas, we’ve got you covered!


#3 Get a Little Crafty 

Halloween crafts are usually a winner at school parties.

Kids love things that are hands-on and it’s also the best way to teach little kiddos new skills. You can find Halloween craft ideas that are simple to create and sure to be fun for the Halloween school party!

You could also bring in mini pumpkins to decorate using our 36 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.


#4 Don’t Be Scared to Keep Get Active

Make it an active Halloween by adding in some kids activities to get them moving.

You can do a Halloween dance party, story yoga, spider parachute toss, zombie tag, or a variety of other exercises that will be fun to get them up and moving.

These activities are geared toward PE teachers but they would work well out on the playground too!


#5 Every Good Ghoul and Goblin Loves to Read 

Get those kids reading with Halloween themed books and songs.

Fortunately, there are books out there for all ages at the school library or book fair. You can do buddy reading or a group story time. You can make it more fun with puppets, finger plays, or let kids act it out and tell the story to each other. The more participation that is included, the more fun it will be for everyone.

I hope you find some of these ideas useful for this year’s Halloween party! Planning a classroom Halloween party will be fun for the kiddos and get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Happy Halloween!

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