Won’t You Be My Neighbor Movie Review (Feel Good!)

Won’t you be my neighbor?

This famous question from the Mr. Rogers inspired the movie I am going to tell you about.

I was so excited to see this film, and you should go see it too!wont you be my neighbor

Won’t You Be My Neighbor (Movie Review)

Growing up, we did not have cable so my options were limited. PBS was our go-to if it wasn’t the weekend or that little window in the afternoon just after you got home from school.

I grew up with parents that were always busy. Even though Mr. Rogers wasn’t the coolest…he had a way of keeping me entertained.

His genuine demeanor was a stark contrast to what I was used too. He cared about me and any other child watching his show.

When he passed, a part of me grieved for all of us and the bit of goodness that was lost within our society. Then, when I heard about this new movie I knew I had to see it!

We All Love Mr. Rogers

The film was a great tribute to Fred Rogers.

It took you behind the scenes and into the “Why” he did the program and what he was really all about. The film was series of interviews strung together with interesting commentary and clips from the show.

Nearly all the people interviewed were close to Mr. Rogers, which created a personal experience. I found myself laughing with them, crying at times, and just thoroughly enthralled with the movie as it played out.

I Enjoyed the Tribute Film

The story is told masterfully.

This film is a tribute to a man and all the good he struggled to bring to our society by going directly at our youth and trying to provide a beneficial alternative for them as they watched television.

Regardless if you grew up watching Mr. Rogers, anyone can appreciate the movie and what Mr. Rogers dedicated his life to achieve.

This movie is family appropriate, but like Mr. Rogers neighborhood is not flashy and exciting.

This is a “feel-good” film that I believe everyone should watch. Not only to learn about Mr. Roger’s life work, but also hear the great message that should ring in all our hearts.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. Happy watching!

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