Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (Movie Review)

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies – Movie ReviewTeen Titans Go Movie Review

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is filled with goofy shenanigans your kids will love.

Other superheroes don’t take them seriously…EVER. Usually, they are the laughing stock of superheroes.

…so, the 5 main characters are determined to save the day as heroes instead of sidekicks.

Despite the fact they aren’t what you would expect, these teens are ready to rumble, even with their own catchy theme song!

But, when a plan to make their way to hero-dom lands them in a sticky situation disguised as an opportunity, things start to get interesting. Check it out:

What is Teen Titans Go! About?

The Titan’s are ready for the big screen as they fight their way to becoming movie stars.

Robin, who is usually known as Batman’s sidekick, decided he wants his own movie so he can be a real hero.

So, with the help of his friends, he is on the hunt for an arch nemesis to help make his way to stardom. Unfortunately, the villain S..L..A..D..E.. has other ideas in mind and plots a trap for the Titans.

Robin is given a chance to become a movie icon, but the plan will divide the group, leaving him to rise to stardom without his friends. This causes turmoil amongst the group, but his friends stick by him when danger arises.

My son is a big fan of the show on television and he was excited to see the movie. My daughter, who is less familiar with the show, was dancing in the aisles to the catchy dance music.

…we practically had to drag her from the theater when the credits rolled. (Hint: Be sure to stay to the end.)

My son was a very happy camper. This is one of his favorite television shows and he believes the movie did it justice. He enjoyed all the silly antics and of course the fart jokes…

He describes the movie as “Awesome, amazing and pretty funny!”

If that isn’t enough to sell the movie, then I don’t know what is. Mind you he is 10, but there were some fun parts that cracked up the adults in the audience too. If you have older kids, then I would say this is a must see for them.

Let us know what you think of the movie in the comments too!

Be sure to check movie times for B&B Theatres before you head to the movies! There are options all over town.

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Until next time, Ruthie

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