Smallfoot Moview Review: There’s a BIG Myth-Understanding!

Smallfoot Movie Review

Smallfoot is a charming movie who a fun twist.

The movie is filled with catchy music, adorable characters, and a great moral story. There are more than a few comedic scenes, but my favorite was the goat. Yes, I said goat…

It was slow to start but finished strong & entertaining. If you have little ones, older ones or anyone – go see this cute movie!

smallfoot movie review

The Smallfoot Storyline

There’s a big myth-understanding!


RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 36 minutes

As the story goes, Migo is a BIGFOOT, otherwise known as Sasquatch or the abominable snowman. His civilization has been living in the mountains way above the clouds for many generations. They have heard myths of a smallfoot (human), but until now no one had proof of their existence.

Migo, a young Bigfoot that thinks outside the box, spends the movie trying to find his place in the world. Until one day…

He…discovers…. a…SMALL FOOT.

It’s a shock and no one believes him. His community has been taught to question nothing and push curiosity aside. Disappointed and shunned out of the community for daring to believe, Migo goes on a quest to prove the existence of smallfoot.

Down below the clouds is the smallfoot civilization. They know of the Bigfoot myth and believe Bigfoots are dangerous. The Bigfoot artwork shows vicious scenes of interactions with humans, and no one questions it.

Percy, a smallfoot, is an adventurer and a nature enthusiast. He has a show on television but ratings are sinking.

He is looking for a new way to boost his show.

What Happens Next…?

Losing his integrity, Percy devises a plan to con the world by filming a Bigfoot for live TV, using a costume prop. Little does he know, he is about to come eye to eye with the real deal!

Migo, the curious Bigfoot decides to venture down beyond with clouds with the help of his friends. He and the SES are determined to prove smallfoot existence together.

teWhen Migo lands in the human world, he comes face to face with the smallfoot Percy. They both have been taught that the other is a vicious monster, so their guard is up and every move is misconstrued as they are also unable to communicate. A turn of events leaves Percy immobilized for a time and Migo snatches him up to take him home so he can prove that he has truly seen a smallfoot.

The Bigfoot world is in an uproar at their arrival, and the leader (The Stonekeeper) is less than thrilled. As time goes on, the crazy situation turned a little less bleak as Percy and Migo become friends and get to know each other. Percy spends a good bit of time in the Bigfoot civilization and gets to know what Bigfoots are like. They both realize that they have many things in common.

The situation again turns dicey as The Stonekeeper explains to Migo, the reason the two worlds don’t co-exist. Migo becomes fearful of the smallfoot civilization and some of his worst fears are brought forward as he rushes to rescue his friends that have ventured down the mountain.

Can humankind and a Bigfoot society, co-exist?

You will have to watch the movie and find out!

Smallfoot Cast

Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common, Lebron James, Danny DeVito, Gina Rodriguez, & more famous stars.

This is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy together! It is heartwarming and often funny! Check out more info on the official Smallfoot website.

From iFamily to yours, Ruthie

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