A Simple Favor Movie Review: Date Night or Girls Night Out Movie

A Simple Favor Movie Review

Perfect for Date Night or a Girls night out movie!

“Secrets are like margarine — easy to spread, bad for the heart.”A Simple Favor Movie Review

If you’re looking to see a great movie A Simple Favor is it! A Simple Favor is the perfect movie for a date night, or a night out with friends!

I had the opportunity to view this movie a few days before the release date. My husband and I were both very impressed! If you are a big fan of Gone Girl, and Dark Places this is a must-see movie!

A Simple Favor is set to show in the theaters Thursday, September 13th, 2018.


RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 59 minutes


A Simple Favor Storyline:

The movie takes place in small-town Connecticut. It is centered around 2 main characters Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) and her best friend Emily (Blake Lively). Stephanie is the ideal “perfect” Mom. She spends her day video blogging, volunteering at her sons’ school and being a mom to her only son.

Emily is the opposite of Stephanie. She is a career-driven, working mom in the fashion industry, that loves her afternoon cocktails and is married to her novelist husband (Henry Golding). Emily is the “bad” mom.

Stephanie is asked for “A Simple Favor” by Emily, to watch her son while she takes a business trip. Emily never returns home, she vanished, and no one knew where she went. The movie follows the twists and turns of her disappearance.

The story is full of secrets, love, murder, and greed.

…definitely worth the watch to find out what happens!


What are the good parts of A Simple Favor?

-The story keeps you guessing and wanting to know more about the entire movie. The twists and turns are easy to keep up with, but enough to keep you wondering “what’s next”.

-There were lots of funny parts in the movie


What are the downsides of A Simple Favor?

-I wasn’t a big fan of the way it ended. I think that could have made the ending with a little less humor

This a great movie for adults who need a laugh. Overall it was a great movie! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give A Simple Favor an “8”.

A Simple Favor Cast:

Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, & Henry Golding

You can also find more info about A Simple Favor if you are interested.

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