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Puzzle Movie Review

Although the title indicates an important element in the movie’s plot, the cast and simplistic plot characteristics create a movie much deeper than jigsaw puzzles.

…definitely worthy of a watch.puzzle movie review


RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 43 minutes

The Puzzle Movie Storyline

Agnes, played by Kelly Macdonald, is the story’s protagonist – a traditional stay at home mother living in a suburban city. The movie’s first scene is set in her home in the midst of her birthday party. Typically, the birthday girl would be enjoying her company and celebrating this milestone with her family and friends, however, Agnes spends this scene solemnly serving food and cleaning up the pieces of a plate her husband Louie (David Denman) knocked to the floor.

By this scene alone, viewers are able to get a feel for the comfortable, yet monotonous life that Agnes leads. She gets her purpose from serving the men in her life: first, it was her father after her mother passed away at a young age, and now it is her husband and two sons. Viewers get a feel that Agnes fits into other people’s plans and puts the wants of others before herself, and this trait is evidenced in the way that her sons and husband take advantage of and set expectations of her.

A Simple, Good Movie

A movie with a simple storyline and relatable roles, the story was told a bit slow but made it easy to follow. It was not an action-packed thriller, but more of a lighthearted drama portraying self-realization.

Among the birthday gifts given to her at the birthday party that opened the movie, Agnes received a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the with a map design. When she goes about putting it together, she finds that she has a major talent for assembling puzzles as she was able to complete the large puzzle twice in one afternoon.

Her newfound talent brings about somewhat of a mid-life crisis for Agnes. She decides to head to Union Station and travel by train to the New York City store in which her original puzzle was purchased to pick up more. In doing this she discovers an opportunity to serve as a partner to Robert (Irrfan Khan) in puzzle competitions.

Robert is able to drag Agnes out of her shell. Her relationship with Robert becomes complicated and her confidence that she gains in finally doing something she enjoys ultimately tests her faith, her traditions, and her perspective.

Eagerly yearning to disprove her son’s claim that she is “afraid to come to life,” Agnes becomes courageous enough to stand up against the imperfections in her marriage and the restrictions in her life and is finally able to make choices for herself.

Viewers follow Agnes on her quest for independence a defined self-identity (which seemingly wears off on her sons) and can appreciate attempts to motivate viewers to strive to “get all the wrong pieces right.”

Was the Puzzle Movie Good?

It was interesting for me to make connections with the puzzle metaphors used in the film, as well as the metaphors of Easter, the world and religious resurrection.

I thought the character to be very relatable in that she was a selfless woman who often feels she needs to grant herself permission to do something for herself. Although a simple story, I believe it to be a heartwarming one that teaches a variety of lessons we are left to interpret for ourselves.

Puzzle Cast:

Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Khan, David Denman

You can find more info about Puzzle at the official Puzzle movie site.

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