Boundaries Movie Review (Date Night or Girls Night Movie)

When it comes to family dysfunction, there are no better experts than the Jaconis.

Watch it all come to life in the film “Boundaries”, now playing in B&B theatres & others across KC.boundaries movie review

Boundaries Movie Review

“Boundaries” follows the story of Laura, a single mother (played by Vera Farmiga, “Up In the Air”) trying her best to raise her teenage son while coping with her own deeply seeded issues.

Already teetering on the edge of coming unglued, Laura gets a call to pick up her estranged father Jack (played by Christopher Plummer, “Beginners”)  from the nursing home he was kicked out of.

So, Laura and her 14-year old son Henry (played by Lewis MacDougall, “Pan”) set out for a cross-country trek to relocate Jack.

Unbeknownst to Laura, Jack has alternate plans for their journey back across the country. This takes them down (figurative) roads they were never expecting.

The film has a lot of promise with its cast and storyline but does it live up to the expectations? I’m not so sure.

Based solely on the previews, I went in expecting to absolutely love the movie, but the quirky story falls flat in the middle of the film.

Movie Highlights:

  • The screenwriters did a decent job portraying heavy topics in a way doesn’t come across so deep.
  • The story makes you want to root the main characters on. They’re likeable, despite their quirkiness.
  • There are several chuckle-worthy moments throughout the film. (Which always makes a great movie for me)

Movie Downsides:

  • The storyline falls a little flat in the middle of the film. You have to make the effort to stay engaged.
  • The topics discussed are not appropriate for families, so be sure that you keep that in mind when you make plans to see it.

What do We Think?

Overall, I’d give “Boundaries” a solid 5 out of 10.

If you’re in the mood for it, you’ll enjoy it. If not, you’re better off waiting for it to come out on DVD.

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