Avengers Infinity War Reviews: Marvel Movies…WOW!

Avengers Infinity War Review

Have you ever been to a movie where you experience every major emotion possible?


Well let me forewarn you that Avengers Infinity War is that and so much more… MUCH MORE!

Marvel Movies = The Best Movies

If you are a Marvel movie fanatic then you have probably been waiting a very long time to see this movie.

Believe me…the hype is real!

Often times we see superhero movies that tend to lack emotion. Filled with lot of explosions, cheeky jokes and a hidden love story or political message. But Infinity War is different!

Yes there is a lot of fighting & blowing things up, amazing jokes, and that infamous love story but what sets this apart from other superhero movies is the fact that the writers and directors were able to really balance the cast of A- List supers and create a story line that  really draws us in.

Focused on the Story Line

I have a theory about movies which contain too many big names or A-list actors, and that is that they always flop. They have too many story lines trying to connect in some forced way and it usually ends up a mess.

Well…the writers of Avengers Infinity War proved me wrong!

They perfectly connected each character from where their own stories/movies left off and how they are now, depending on each other, to conquer Thanos, the villain of all villains!

I’m sure by now you have seen many, many trailers and promos going around to know a little backstory and what the basis of this movie is so I won’t bore you with too much else about the story.

Plus I want to avoid any possible spoilers!

So…should you go see it?


It’s a Must See Movie!

All in all Infinity War is an absolute MUST SEE! It came out May 27th and I have already seen it twice! I seriously had the same reactions both times. I was excited, shocked, happy, sad and pumped for the second half!

If you don’t have any plans this weekend, day or evening.. GO SEE INFINITY WAR!

PS: in true Marvel movie fashion, wait until the credits roll! You won’t want to miss a preview of what’s to come!

Enjoy the movie 🙂

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