Adrift Movie Review

Adrift: Movie Review

Do you love intense movies? You’re going to enjoy the experience of Adrift, which comes out in theaters today nationwide. We sent Ruth from our team to catch an early screening of it last week. Take a look at her thoughts before heading out to see it on your own.

Adrift, directed by Baltasar Kormakur, is a sweet love story turned to wreckage at the fault of a category hurricane. Tami and Richard are a young couple with some distance between their age. They are both daring in their lives, drifting from place to place looking for their next sailing adventure. Based upon a true story this tale spins you into a realistic view of how tumultuous the ocean can be in the eye of a storm and how innocent lives full of love and wonder can meet tragedy and the uncertainly of death unexpectedly. Shailene Woodly and Sam Claflin play leading roles in this romance that unfolds and holds up against the tides and trials of life despite their odds of survival. Flashes in the story timeline filtered a sense of insecurity for viewers as they witnessed the film hop from their loving adventures to their trials at sea. 

About The Film



I had an opportunity to experience this film and it left me without words and a bit afraid of sailing. The story begins with Tami, a young woman in her 20’s that has just woken up after the storm and seemingly alone on the yacht that she and her boyfriend had procured by happenstance after a chance meeting and an unforgettable deal with old friends of Richard. The story takes a step back to how Tami and Richard met, a brief of some other travels they had together with abrupt jumps back to the yacht amidst the hurricane. 

As the story moves, you learn that their sense of adventure stems from their childhoods and showing that they are able to make it on their own. Despite having only known each other for some months, their relationship becomes serious and solid. They show a deep sense of trust in one another and they work together as their relationship evolves. The true test of their love follows the horror of the hurricane as they fight to stay alive. Tami steps up as the hero and cares for Richard during his most difficult time of need; displaying immense maturity and triumph. 

A Love Story?

I found this to be a great story, but I would have preferred to see their love story unfold a bit more so I could understand as a viewer, how their relationship grew to be so strong. The movie also ended with some loose ends that could have been developed more. Ending on a high note, the end of the film features some takes and photos of the real couple that the story was based upon. Tami is featured as the one that chose to never give up and to this day still holds by that motto and continues to sail. 

Final Thoughts…

I recommend seeing this movie at least a couple times or more. There are many subtleties that could be overlooked and clues that important to the story line. If you are looking for something outside the typical ‘romance’ then I think you would enjoy it as well. 

Adrift Stars:

Shailene Woodley (Fault in Our Stars, Divergent films) and Sam Claflin (Me Before You, The Hunger Games films)

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