The Turn Signal Theory: A Personal Post From iFamilyKC Mom Squad Ambassador Leah

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As we enter into another weekend here in the metro area, we wanted to share a special post written by one of our Mom Squad team members. Leah, who recently joined us, shares a personal story this evening about a lesson she’s learned from her boyfriend – coined, “The Turn Signal Theory”. We’re curious – what lessons have YOUR loved ones taught you?! Join the discussion here at on the iFamilyKC Facebook page.

The Turn Signal Theory

A little over a year ago, God placed a very special man in my life. After the first few interactions we shared, I knew there was something about him that would change my life. Our conversations always held significant value and created a lasting impact on me. One moment we shared constantly comes to my mind when I think about his character as a man and what he stands for as a person.

The two of us were walking around my favorite trail and getting to know each other better. We spent about an hour or so swapping stories and subconsciously taking inventory of our compatibility. When he spoke, there was something almost magical in his words. His theories and values drew me in with every twist and turn. I was intrigued. I was becoming smitten and I was eager to know more about this man. As he held my hand and shared with me things that are most important to him, he shared a particular “moral theory” with me.

He said he often approaches life similar to the way he uses a turn signal.

I looked at him with pure confusion as I listened to the rest of this “theory” of his. He went on to say, “There are many times you may find yourself on the road with no one but you. While you are driving alone, you may need to make a turn. Even though no one but you would know if you used your turn signal, the right thing to do would be to use your turn signal anyway. What I am trying to say is I always try to do the right thing regardless of whether  anyone is around to see if I do.”

I stood there speechless for a moment. I began  mentally evaluating  my past actions and wondered how many times in life have I done the right thing regardless of who was watching?

His words shook my core and created a shift in my future approaches to my own behaviors. His words molded me in a sense. I needed to be reminded of the simplicity of “doing the right thing”. There are many situations in life where you think no one is watching you. Yet you learn later someone was watching you all along. This theory of his resonates so beautifully with parenting. It teaches you the value your actions hold with everyone you meet. The simplicity of holding the door for a stranger, letting someone go in line ahead of you, helping someone in need, smiling at a stranger, etc. Even though you think no one notices those actions, there is someone noticing all along.

You are teaching your children daily by the things you do when ”no one” else is watching.

There is so much power in knowing your actions play a part in cultivating  the future. That is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. So, when life gets hard and you feel like taking the easy way out, allow yourself to remember the simplicity and truth of the “turn signal” theory. You hold a power in your actions that can not only change the life of your children, but could change the life of someone else who maybe silently watching.

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