13 Tips for Surviving Summer Break (Survival Guide)

Our kiddos anxiously await the sweet days of summer, but we can all agree, there comes the day when parents need the summer break to be over…

You love your kids and would do anything for them but hands up if you can use a little help to get you through.

We all eventually need a break from the chaotic days of never-ending questions, fights between siblings, constant need to be entertained, and my goodness let’s not forget the snacks.

summer survival guide for moms

Summer Survival Guide for Parents

You can make it through…with your sanity!

The days are long and the years are short. Am I right moms?

\Here are a few things to help you not just survive, but thrive through these summer days and keep your sanity intact!

We’ve got 13 survival tips for you right here:

Call or text a mom friend.

Ok, so maybe you can’t always get together on a whim but I love having a mom friend or two I can send a quick text or call during nap time and vent about my day.  She understands the struggle.

Don’t have mommy friends? Find a Mom Club or group of your own! 🙂

Trade Babysitting with Mom Friends

This will help you get out of the house without paying for a baby sitter.

…or maybe you can get dads to watch the kiddos for the night.

Have your kids help with housework.

It is a TON of work for one person to do housework…for 4 people!

My kids are 2 and 7 and they are learning very quickly this summer how to pick up their own rooms, wash windows, sweep, load and unload the dishwasher, and conquering the mountain of laundry.

Yes, they will probably whine and not be happy about it. But, hey,when they whine, I wine! And they will get over it.

Need help with tough stains and odors? Check out Bionihilator…it works.

…we have tested it on pretty much every pet odor, Kool-aid stain, & everything in between…

Wind down.

Give yourself a few hours after the kids go to bed to take care of yourself.  Take a bath, drink a glass of wine, read a book, Netflix and chill with your significant other.

…8:30 and me are BFFs!

My kids NEVER STOP during the day and I will stay up late just to get that me time in.

Get out of the house.

Seriously. Check out these great ways you can get out of the house!

Go Out to Dinner…On the Cheap

Use our Kids Eat Free (or really cheap) guide to find places your kids eat free every night of the week. There are options for weekends (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), Wednesdays, or when you need to make Monday a little more fun. Enjoy a great meal, out of the house, without breaking the bank.

Plan a Trip

Whether you drive a few hours away or hop on a plane, getting out of town can feel rejuvenating. Many airlines are having sales the next few weeks, so be sure to check online before planning! There are also fun places for weekend or day trips from Kansas City or you can head to St. Louis to get away with the kids.

Plan A Staycation

With or Without the Kiddos

If you can’t afford to take a full out vacation, plan a staycation instead. There are tons of fun things to do in Kansas City… with or without kids. If you’re planning it with kids, check out the Kansas City Staycation with Kids guide.

Cool Off at the Pool

An even cheaper option is a pool day.

I know it’s hot as the devil’s armpit out there but who doesn’t want to hang out by the water & soak up the sun? Especially with this heat! Just bring lots of water. 🙂

We found small pools, big pools, and swimming pools all over KC. There is a place to cool off for everyone!

See A Movie with Friends

Don’t know which movie to see? Check out our latest movie reviews. B&b

Take a Bubble Bath

Bring the Kids to an Open Gym in KC

This will give the kids some play time & wear them out for a longer nap time. 😉

Hey Dads (…this is for you)  

Give your wife a break.

Take the kids somewhere for 4-6 hours or tell her “I’ve got this!” I have been a working mom and stay at home mom. Let me tell you there is NO job more rewarding AND more difficult than being a stay at home parent.

She needs time to rejuvenate so she can continue being the best mom she can be.

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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