10+ Tips for Packing Snacks for the Pool This Summer

The days are getting hotter in the Kansas City Metro, which inevitably means more days trying to keep cool. With so many neighborhood and city pools offering affordable, cool entertainment for the kiddos, it’s no wonder parents often spend their summer days there. One of our Mom Squad Ambassadors offers us some great tips for packing snacks for the pool, so you can beat the heat and keep the party going as long as possible. Take a look…

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks For the Pool this Summer

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer
My husband and I laugh (cry?) at the fact that we sometimes spend as much time packing FOR the pool, with our three kids in tow, as we actually spend AT the pool. But this summer I’ve vowed to maximize our time at the pool, so I’m getting smarter about what I’m bringing. Fewer toys, more snacks. If you want to stay cool at the pool longer (translation: wear your kids out!), check out these food packing tips.

What to Bring

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer


Invest in a medium-sized cooler. One that you can carry with one hand (you’ll have plenty of pool supplies to carry in the other hand) but is still large enough for snacks for everyone.

• Throw juice boxes in the freezer and use them in your cooler instead of ice to keep food cold. This saves space and lightens your cooler.

Veggies — No, really. When kids are active, they get hungry and are more likely to happily munch on something healthy. The key is to offer veggies first before other snacks. You’ll be surprised at how many carrot and celery sticks they will munch on.

String cheese — Portable and fun, the perfect combo for the pool

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer

Boxes of raisins — easy to throw in the cooler, easy to pass out, sweet and nutritious

Go-GURTS — freeze these ahead of time for an extra cold treat. Bonus, they are less messy when frozen.

Reusable plastic plates — They are not just environmentally friendly but they have extra weight so they won’t blow away as easily as disposable paper and plastic plates.

Wet wipes — Better than napkins to wipe messy hands, faces, tables and chairs.

Bring extra — Inevitably your kids will have or make friends at the pool and you’ll be glad you have extra snacks to share.

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer
What to Avoid

Dips, sauces and other condiments — These not only take up valuable real estate but they can make food prep and eating very messy.

Chocolate treats — a melting mess, not worth it!

Nuts — Nuts can make a mess on the table, in the chairs and on the ground. Be sensitive to others around you (and after you) with nut allergies and leave these at home.

Anything requiring utensils — Again, not worth it. Plus it’s just one more thing to lose at the pool.

10+ Tips for Packing Snacks at the Pool this Summer

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