10 Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents & Pregnant Moms

If you know expecting parents this holiday season, we’ve made it easy!

We’ve compiled great gift ideas for expecting parents to take the guesswork out of it for you.

Gifts for Expecting Parents

Best Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents & Friends

Your pregnant friends are carrying a human for months…they deserve presents.

You can also use the Complete Gift Guide 2019 for tons more gift ideas, stocking stuffers, DIY ideasteacher gifts & more.

#1 Future Keepsake of Baby’s Hand or Footprints

Memories are one of the best things you can gift to a new parent.

Purchase a gift card to a ceramic studio like Potter’s Haven, Paint, Glaze, and Fire or Ceramic Cafe so that they can take baby in to create a footprint tile or plate to be cherished for years to come.

Or, you can make this MistleToes Christmas craft with your new-mommy friends.

#2 Give Playtime at a Play Place

New moms are always looking for things to do with their babies. You can find TONS of indoor play places around KC.

#3 Classic Toys 

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent time reminiscing about toys from my own childhood. …some would call them vintage.

Much to my surprise, and excitement, several of these classic (“vintage”) toys are still available.

#4 Mommy-Spa Visit or 3D Ultrasound

If you’re gifting to an expecting parent in their first or second trimester, consider purchasing a gift card for an ultrasound, prenatal massage session or Lamaze class.

Birthing Beyond specializes in comprehensive Lamaze childbirth education, certified breastfeeding education, certified Dona International labor (doula) support and DONA International Birth Doula Training throughout the KC metro area.

A prenatal massage or images of their unborn child can be cherished for a lifetime.

#5 Baby’s First Swim Lessons

Infant swim lessons are important.

Teaching an infant to be comfortable in/around water is a lifelong skill that will benefit them forever. Infant swim lessons will help protect your friend or family’s new child…what better gift?

Purchase swim passes from Aqua Tots Swim School in Olathe – great for new and expecting parents to use with their babies.

#6 Books Establish a Love for Libraries

One of my favorite gifts that I ever received when I was pregnant with my daughter was a bookshelf for her nursery.

Having access to books will set a child up for a lifetime of learning.

A custom bookshelf and materials from the local library are great gifts for expecting parents. They can continuously have age appropriate books as their baby grows.

Pro-tip: Mid Continent Public Library offers free library cards and tons of resources for the whole family.

#7 Practical Nursery Items

There are not-so-fun gifts that expecting parents need.  We know there are gifts that are more show stopping than a diaper pail or a baby grooming kit.

Although that matching outfit for mom and baby or those tiny Nike sneakers are adorable, it’s the practical items that will actually aid in caring for a newborn.

Functional gifts parents will love in 2019 are:

#8 Adorable Outfits  

You can’t go wrong with clothing.

Babies grow so fast that expecting parents can’t keep up with the new sizes. Cut down the shopping trips with outfits for different ages & sizes!

You can also grab gift cards to different baby stores or even Target so parents are prepared to purchase clothing as their baby grows…

Finn + Emma’s catalog *almost* makes me want to have another baby.

Their line of gender neutral clothing makes for great gift ideas for parents who are waiting to reveal whether their sweet baby is a boy or girl.

#9 Something that Grows with Baby

Some of the best gifts for new and expecting parents are those that can grow with their children.

Transitional items like the bouncers can be turned into toddler chairs. Or, this La La Lounger really offers a bigger bang for your buck. I especially love the La La Lounger because of its ease of use.

As the parent of an older toddler, I love that the La La Lounger can be used as a floor cushion for reading, relaxing during movie nights, or snuggling up with siblings (or parents). With a retail cost of under $100, it’s a great gift that can be used for years and years.

#10- An Entire Wardrobe (for LESS!)

Surprise the mom-to-be with a full wardrobe for her new baby by shopping consignment sales.

Many of them offer steep discounts for baby items like clothes, toys, shoes, and accessories. You can save up to 90% off retail prices by shopping these sales.

Here are a few that we recommend:

This is an affordable gift for expecting parents AND you get to do a little shopping spree for the new baby.

We’d love to hear from you!

So tell us, what are your go to gifts for new and expecting parents?

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