BIO-NIHILATOR Carpet & Hardwood Floor Cleaners: Get Rid of Stains!

Messes are unavoidable. Kids spill juice, animals pee on the carpet…parents really don’t get a break. Until now! BIO-NIHILATOR™ is here to clean up your stains for good.

Specially formulated by carpet cleaners in Kansas City, these carpet & hardwood cleaners will effectively get rid of your family’s and pets’ stains. (I would know…we have daily stains in this house)

Need it now? You can purchase BIO-NIHILATOR™ online or shop locally at an authorized Kansas City retailer.

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Get Rid of Stains…Really

BIO-NIHILATOR offers a carpet cleaner and a hardwood floor cleaner to tackle both kinds of stains.  BIO-NIHILATOR™ uses bio based, environmentally safe ingredients to effectively clean fecal matter, urine and vomit stains, while offering a natural and pleasant fragrance. There are no strong smells or odors either.


Local, KC-Based Company

Support KC and clean your home in the process. BIO-NIHILATOR cleaning products are locally created and support people in OUR community. Find their products around KC at many different stores!

We love KC based companies; give them a big boost of local love.

Carpet and Hardwood Pet Stain Cleaner, Get Rid of Stains


Professional Strength Cleaners – Environmentally Safe

Clean with true Professional Strength products that are also ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. It is important to keep our kids safe and this product does just that. While cleaning your stains!

Professional carpet cleaners developed BIO-NIHILATOR™ when an effective solution couldn’t be found. For years they used professional strength enzymes already on the market, but had mixed results. AFC Cleaning & Restoration (the carpet-cleaner-creators of BIO-NIHILATOR™) was often called to clean homes to clean tough pet stain and odor issues, so they had to find a solution.

The carpet cleaners began creating their own uniquely compounded products, which turned out to be more effective. Faster, with better results. And so, BIO-NIHILATOR™ was born!

BIO-NIHILATOR™ wants to share their cleaning powers with the world, so they bottled their special sauce for you to use in YOUR home. 🙂

Find both a carpet cleaner & hardwood floor cleaner to tackle any stain your pets and family throw your way. You can purchase BIO-NIHILATOR™ online  or find a local, authorized retailer in Kansas City.

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