Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad (Based on Your Dad’s Interests)

Father’s Day is the perfect time to let the special dad in your life know just how much he means to your family. Show him you care with the best Father’s Day gift ideas you can think of…

It’s a time to be thoughtful and give something personalized! It’s a time to find the perfect gift…does that even exist?

We’ve got a few ideas to help guide you in crafting the perfect gift for Dad this year.

Best Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Guide

Find the best present for your dad with the ideas below! There are fun gifts for every kind of dad. Check them out below:

Looking for fun things to do on Father’s Day Weekend? We’ve got that covered too.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Golf Lover:

  • Let the kids take sharpies and decorate brand new golf balls. Even if he doesn’t use them, they’ll be a great reminder of how much the kids adore him.
  • Create a homemade card using golf phrases like:
    • “Dad, you’re a hole-in-one!” or
    • “Dad, you’re the best by par!”
  • Create a homemade gift certificate for a day of golf at his favorite course.
  • Gift him with a golf gift bag that includes sunscreen, a water bottle, granola bars, golf towel, golf tees, your homemade certificate, and new golf balls.

Gift Ideas For Baseball-Loving Dads:

  • Decorate a new or used baseball with your child’s tiny hand print.
  • Take dad to a baseball game with the entire family. Who doesn’t want to go to a Royals game?!
    • If you live in KCK, the T-Bones are also a fun gift idea.
  • Create a baseball gift basket with everything he will need for game day including a new hat, sunflower seeds, peanuts, big league chew, and tickets to the game.

Father’s Day Gift For the Fisherman Dad:

  • Make a homemade card and use the phrase, “I’m hooked on Daddy.” Paint your child’s hand and make the hand print to be a fish!
  • Gift dad with a brand new tackle box filled with some of his favorite snacks including gummy worms!
    • You can shop Scheel’s outdoor section for everything fishing – find tons of presents online or in-store. 
  • Go fishing in Kansas City at one of these fun fishing spots.

Father’s Day Presents for Coffee Lovers:

  • If caffeine is an essential part of dad’s every day, arrange a coffee basket with his favorite coffee blend, a new “DAD” mug, add a sweet treat, include a gift card to his favorite coffee shop or craft a gift certificate for a coffee date.
  • Does he need a new coffee machine? 
  • You can also grab some Roasterie Coffee for a local gift idea. You can even buy it online!
  • Or, head to Scooter’s Coffee for a delicious cup of joe! You can also check out Quik Trip if you’re in a little bit of a hurry…

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Grill Master:

  • Add some spice to his grilling routine with new grilling tools, oak smoking chips, spice rubs, sauces and his favorite beer .
  • Let the kids pick out or craft a new apron for dad, for example, “King of The Grill” or “Our Dad is Smokin’”.
  • You can also have a cookout to celebrate Father’s Day! Have the kiddos help cook, or maybe give dad a break and you cook the complete meal!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Movie Lover:

  • Use iTunes to create a personalized, homemade video using pictures of dad and the kids over the years.
  • Assemble a gift basket with dad’s favorite movie candies, popcorn, and favorite drinks for him to enjoy during your next family movie night.
  • Or, even host a family movie night to celebrate Father’s Day with your family!
  • Decorate the back of the car and take dad to the drive in.
    • Include blankets, pillows, snacks, and all of the essentials for a fun evening watching a movie under the stars.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the New or Expecting Dad:

  • Gift a new dad handbook or guide for new parents. (That would’ve come in handy when our kiddos were coming home!)
  • Fill a manly diaper bag backpack or baby carrier with essentials for taking baby out. Make him a “cool dad”
  • Assemble a new daddy survival kit with all the tools he needs to deal with messes and more. Include baby wipes, air freshener, energy bars, pizza gift cards, hygiene items, water bottle, baby book, rattle, a first aid kit, and other fun items for dad.
  • Earplugs. 
  • A massage. This is a great gift idea for anyone, but especially new parents!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad That’s All Fun and Games:

  • Put together a family game night with dad’s favorite snacks and games that the whole family can enjoy together.
  • Assemble a gift basket with new and out of the box games to play throughout the year.
  • Create a personalized deck of cards with pictures of the family to use during game nights.
  • Take him to Worlds of Fun to celebrate Father’s Day!

Gifts for the Dad Who is Impossible to Shop For:

We all have someone in our lives that is seemingly impossible to shop for because they either have everything they want already or they don’t have any hobbies other than spending time with their family.

If you’re gifting someone that falls into that category and don’t know what to do, create a “choose-your-own-adventure box” with activity ideas to do together during the day.

In the box, have envelopes for each part of the day. Inside each envelope, include three to four choices for Dad to select from, giving him both the element of surprise and the element of choice in spending the day with you. That way, he has a say in how your family celebrates Father’s Day.

Plus, it’s a surprise for the whole family!

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas:

  • For the Handy Man- Tool box, hammer, screws, measuring tape and mixed nuts.
  • For the Book Worm- Magazine or book club subscription, home-made book mark or a new book on his wish list.
  • Craft Beer and Snacks Basket
    • There are also beer-of-the-month clubs where he can try a new beer each month. Plus he gets mail, which is an added gift! 
  • The Game Lover Basket- Bottle of Wine, dominoes, dice, cards and a new family game. Maybe include some beer too! 
  • Order a magazine or book club subscription and present to him with a homemade bookmark or a new book from his wish list.

Anything that comes from the heart and a homemade card from the kids will show dad just how much he means to you all this Father’s Day!

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