A First Time Parent’s Thoughts on Vacationing Without Kids – Written by iFamilyKC Mom Squad Blogger Molly

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We are so excited to have our BRAND NEW 2015 iFamilyKC Mom Squad bloggers sharing their thoughts, opinions, and adventures in parenting with all of you each week. Tonight, Molly wanted to share thoughts and experience in taking a vacation without her daughter Layla. I think that we can all relate to the anxiety Molly and her husband experience as they prepared for their trip. We’d like to hear how your family vacations so join us in conversation here and over on the iFamilyKC Facebook page. Without further adieu, we present to you:
“A First Time Parent’s Thoughts on Vacationing Without Kids”
Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how much I was dreading leaving my little one behind for the first time so that my husband and I could go on a trip. I wanted to get a little r & r  and I wanted to spend some quality time with my husband but leaving my one and a half year old, who had never been away from me for more than two hours at a time, was killing me.  How would her grandparents know when she was hungry? How would they know when she wants to be held? Or ready for nap?
All these things were racing through my mind! It was making me sick thinking of all these horrible situations that could happen.
I woke up early on the day we were leaving, got everything done so that I could give all my attention to Layla when she woke up. I was crying and holding her, playing with her and she had no idea what was going on at all. Her grandma showed up about an hour before we were leaving and Layla was on cloud nine!! She loves seeing her grandparents and loves showing off and being silly with them.
It was then that I realized that she was going to be completely fine! It was me that was having the issues, not her. Yes, she would probably wonder here and there where I was but she was going to be just fine.  I needed to do things for ME, To make ME feel better. Because Layla was going to be completely fine.
I made a list of all her favorite snacks and food just incase they needed ideas. I also left a list of her “sample” schedule so they knew what time she napped, what time she had her milk, lunches, dinners, etc. I left notes for all my tricks on how to get her to calm down if upset, or how to get her to eat if she wouldn’t. Just things that would honestly make ME feel better. I don’t know if her grandparents read my list or not, but it made me feel so much more comfortable leaving her.
We boarded the plane and headed on our three day trip away from my baby, and I knew it was going to be just fine. She was actually going to have a great time! Grandparents spoil as we all know, so I knew it was going to go by fast for her. And thank God for FaceTime! I was able to call and talk to Layla two-three times a day. We sang our ABCs, blew kisses and I was able to actually see her and see that she was just fine!
I know it’s hard, and not easy leaving the kids behind. It’s much needed though! Our babies need to know that we will come back, and we need to have some time to ourselves to regroup and relax. Being a mommy is exhausting! 🙂 It was nice to know that I could go away for a few days and know everything would be okay.
iFamilyKC Mom Squad Blogger Molly enjoys spending time with her daughter around town. Share your travel experience with Molly and the rest of the iFamilyKC team in the comment section of this post. Questions about the blog?! Email us anytime: info@ifamilykc.com

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