Ninja Warrior Activities & More: Sky Zone Kansas City & Lee’s Summit

The Ninja Warrior Course is NOW open at Sky Zone in Lee’s Summit AND Sky Zone Kansas City! 

Do you watch American Ninja Warrior and think “I could so totally do that?”  Or at least “I would so love to try to do that?” 

Well, good news—your ninja dreams can come true…

ninja warrior course

Sky Zone’s Ninja Warrior Course Comes to KC!

Both Sky Zone locations now have Ninja Warrior attractions! 

Sky Zone Lee’s Summit has just remodeled and added an all new Ninja Warrior section to their already amazing facility.  

There are tons of fun kids activities…for all different ages.

So, check it out with your little ones! Maybe it will tire them out for a long nap…

Both Sky Zone locations now have Ninja Warrior attractions! 

My kids were literally jumping up and down as soon as they saw all the cool new attractions.  

Ninja Warrior Activities & Attractions

1. The Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

The Ninja Warrior course includes some hanging barrels, ropes, swings and all sorts of assorted upper body challenges. 

It may be a little tough for younger kiddos, but they will enjoy attempting it. The staff is fantastic about helping the children though and encouraging them to keep going. 

For older kids and adults, it was challenging and fun. There are parts you can walk around, so littler children can skip some of the obstacles if they are too difficult…

The course allows you to jump through/past some of the more difficult obstacles if you have long legs, so start stretching to get an advantage. Upper body is not my strength, so I pretty much gave myself an A for effort on this one.

2. The Warped Wall

Next challenge is the Warped Wall. 

There are three different heights for Sky Zone’s new warped wall, and if you can make it to the top, you get to push a fun button like the one on the show and some fog comes out. Of course, kids feel like the Ultimate Champion. This obstacle if the true test of ninja training.

It’s really fun to attempt it and watch your kids do a little happy dance when they make it to the top. The fireman’s pole you get to slide down once you make it is definitely an added bonus.

3. The Rock Wall

The climbing wall is a free climb over a large foam pit to cushion their fall. The rock climbing wall is a fun challenge and offers varying difficulties for different ages.

There are plenty of staff at the ninja warrior activity to ensure children get people safely on and off the wall. Children can also choose how high they want to go, so even younger children can participate! 

4. The Jousting Pit & Sky Ladder

Our final stop was the foam pit that houses both the Sky Joust and the Sky Ladder. This was by far my kids’ favorite spot. 

The Sky Ladder is a rope ladder suspended at varying heights across a foam pit. There’s a lot of balancing and holding yourself upright, while the ladder constantly shifts underneath you.

Children love climbing across it, although getting past a few rungs is harder than it looks…

As for the jousting pit, you balance on a Bosu Ball on top of a pillar and try to knock your opponents off into the foam.  Something about being up so tall and getting to knock people around with a jousting stick made my day.  And my son giggled so hard he snorted, so that was a win for me.

You have to go check out the new attractions & things to do!

They add some much needed variety to an already highly entertaining family venue.

Plus, it’s a great way to get longer naps & sound sleep! My kids did get worn out after about 40 minutes in the “Ninja Zone” as they called it and spent the last bit of our hour jumping on the trampolines and playing dodgeball, but again, isn’t that the point?  They slept well that night!

What Ninja Warrior Attractions are at Sky Zone KC?

6495 Quivira Rd, Shawnee, KS 66216

Sky Zone Kansas City has 10+ Ninja Warrior & new attractions. This location as more Ninja Warrior things to do than Lee’s Summit.

  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Free Climb Rock Wall
  • Warped Wall
  • Challenge Zone
  • Wipe Out
  • Battle Beam
  • Parkour Blox
  • SkyLadder

Other Activities at Sky Zone KC:

  • Freestyle Jump
  • Ultimate Dodge ball
  • SkySlam
  • Foam Zone
  • Virtual Reality Game
  • Aerial Silks

Ninja Warrior Weekend Sky Zone

What Ninja Warrior Attractions are at Sky Zone Lee’s Summit?

2801 NE McBaine Dr. Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

There are varying attractions at the two locations. Below are all Ninja Warrior attractions at their Lee’s Summit location & other fun activities included here. 

  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • SkyLadder
  • Warped Wall  
  • Challenge Zone
  • Speed Zone
  • SkyJoust
  • Free Climb

Other Activities at Sky Zone LS:

  • Freestyle Jump
  • Ultimate Dodge ball
  • SkySlam
  • Foam Zone
  • Aerial Silks

What is Sky Zone?

Sky Zone Trampoline Parks in Kansas City & Lee’s Summit feature a wide variety of activities for kids AND adults to get active while having fun. Sky Zone attractions include your favorite activities like Ultimate Dodgeball, Freestyle Jump, SkyFit classes, the new Ninja Course & more!

The Shawnee area Sky Zone brings BIG changes to its’ state-of-the-art facility; always thinking of new ways to have family fun!

If you have any questions, or need more details, visit the Sky Zone Kansas City website.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC