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Once you submit your nominations, you are automatically entered2win a Family Fun Pack: 4 Science City tix + 4 B&B Tickets + 4 Planetarium tix.

What is The Best in Kansas City?

Submit your favorite businesses for a chance to win The iFamilyKC Readers’ Favorites in their respective category.

By submitting your nominations, you are automatically entered to win the Family Fun Pack!

Nominate KC businesses, programs, restaurants, services, & things to do in Kansas City.

Vote for things like the best bbq in Kansas City, best burger in Kansas City, best brunch in Kansas City, & your other favorites around town!

There are over 80 categories for KC businesses to be nominated for…so start nominating now.

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You can also check out the iFamilyKC Readers Favorites winners of 2019

Goodluck to all Kansas City businesses. 💗

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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