Throwing a Halloween Party in 5 Easy Steps!

Halloween is right around the corner, can you believe it?! Our newest Mom Squad Ambassador, Sarah, gives us some great ideas on throwing a Halloween party. So, give her a shout, an air hug, or a just a good ol’ fashioned Kansas City welcome, and take a look!

Throwing a Halloween Party in 5 Easy Steps!


Throwing a Halloween party in 5 (somewhat) Easy Steps!

So you want to throw a Halloween party? But it can’t just be a bowl of candy sitting on the table and a couple plastic spiders lying around. Oh no! I won’t have that my friends! Forget Martha and The Food Network, I will give you the perfect recipe for a fun, impressive (and inexpensive!) Halloween party in 5 easy steps!


First, pick a theme.

This is your cornerstone of the whole thing, what will bring everyone and everything together. Think scary, think kid-friendly, think what are my kids dressing up as this year—all idea starters. Just make sure that you pull this theme throughout the whole party. And how big you go is all up to you, I have thrown some parties that are simple—a kid friendly witch and warlock party and I know some of my neighbors have gone all out to build a crashed UFO in their front yard! (Yeah! Try and compete with that!) So for our interaction here, let’s use the example of a “drive-in” Halloween movie party; mainly because I did this one last year so I know some personal tips and tricks, but also because it was simple. A Halloween “Drive-in” movie party in 5 easy steps!

Next, it’s all about the invites.

This sets the theme in the obvious ways! Let’s do impressive but keep it simple. Pinterest is our friend, repeat, Pinterest is my friend! Search for “drive-in” movie party invites and a ton will pop up. Pick a design you like and then recreate it; but do it on PowerPoint– much cheaper and easier! Make sure you answer the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why). I like to take a screen shot of the slide and then copy it into email, again much cheaper and easier! If you are so inclined, or if you don’t have everyone’s email, feel free to post on Facebook as well.

Okay now the fun part—Decorations!

Pinterest is still our friend! It will give you plenty of ideas to take things from around the house to make into decorations. Taking into account the movie theme, you are probably going to show a Halloween themed movie, take ideas from that movie and work them into decorations. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown has some great décor. Lots of pumpkins, a big moon, a polka dot sheet or yellow with black chevron stripes for the table cloth will really tie in the Charlie Brown theme. The best part—decorations for Charlie Brown theme parties are everywhere since the movie is celebrating a big anniversary this year. You have to make a pumpkin patch as well; this will tie into the games step later. Place pumpkins on a green plastic table cloth and cover with fake (or real if you want a use for all those in the yard!) leaves to make your patch. If you are feeling really creative, cut a piece of cardboard or poster board to make a fence for the backdrop and a moon to hang above the patch.

As I mentioned before, tie in your decorations with the games or entertainment of the evening. You will be showing a movie as this is a “drive-in” movie night. If you want to go really big, borrow a projector and set up a “drive-in” movie on the garage door using a plain white sheet for the screen. You will find neighbors you have never met pulling up lawn chairs in your front lawn just to watch! Or bring it inside, this is easy and if there is bad weather a no-brainer! I would suggest having that on continuous loop, or show several kid-friendly Halloween movies to mix it up. Your guests will sit down and watch for a little while and then get up and do other things.

I mentioned the pumpkin patch above—great decoration but also the source of some great crafts and games. Use the pumpkins as blank canvases and have the kids or adults glue on decorations to make a spooky pumpkin smile! This will triple as a favor to take home as well! Need a little more convincing to make the pumpkin patch? You can also use it as a photo op! Great memories and a favor to go home with your guests!

At this point, I will go against my cardinal rule and say that we can stray from the theme for a minute because this game is one of the funniest I have ever seen. Tie one end of a string around the hole in a doughnut and the other to a tree or use a shower curtain rod if you are inside. See how fast your guests can eat the doughnut without using their hands—an updated version of bobbing for apples!

Finally, the best part of any party—the food and drink.

Go back to the theme, but use caution about making everything pumpkin! Anyone who walks through the grocery store knows that every food now comes in a pumpkin spice flavor. Stay simple and make a big crock pot of chili with all the toppings and inclusions you can imagine. This can be cooking all day while you are doing everything else and usually is a favorite among most guests. Those that aren’t fans can have a chili dog hold the chili—have those hot dogs warming in another crock pot, too—DO NOT ask your husband to start the grill! (Personal experience, this turns out just as bad as straying from the theme!)

Of course Halloween is nothing without candy and sweet. Play up the pumpkin themed cookies or cupcakes and don’t worry if they are store bought, take them out of the box or container and put them on a plate and no one will ever know! If you find that all the pumpkin cupcakes are gone from the bakery at your local store, no worries just get some plain cupcakes (iced but no décor) and decorate them with candy corn in the shape of pumpkins and a half an Oreo cookie to represent the moon in your Great Pumpkin theme! For drinks, apple cider is a must, have that simmering in another crock pot or on the stove at very low temp—it will double as that great fall scent that will greet your guests as they come in.

There you have it! Planning a Halloween party in 5 (somewhat) easy steps! The most important thing is that you and your guests have a great time; share some laughs and enjoy the season! Happy Halloween!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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