2020 Teacher Gift Ideas: Get the Best Teachers Gifts

We can all agree teachers are some of the hardest working people in our children’s lives. They deserve our appreciation even more this year! 

While we spend a lot of time scrambling to find Christmas gifts for the important people in our lives, don’t forget those extra-important people in our kids’ lives… their teachers!

As you hunt for presents this season, don’t forget to show appreciation with these teacher gift ideas below:


Best Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2020

Sometimes we forget to acknowledge how great our teachers are. After all, they are dedicated to turning our little geniuses into the adults we know they can be.

For this reason alone, they should be rewarded throughout the year, but especially around the holidays.

So, show your appreciation with this great holiday teacher gift ideas…

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What to Get for Teacher Gifts?

We came up with more than a few ideas for personal and practical teacher gifts to remind them they are loved and appreciated this holiday season.

We hope you grab some teacher gift ideas inspiration for your child’s teacher!


1. DIY Gifts

We’ve searched tons of articles and looked all around Pinterest and found that there are SO many creative and heartfelt gifts.

There are directions to make personalized ornaments, cookies in a jar containers, cups, blankets, classroom decorations, notes… just about anything you can think of.

One of our favorite DIY gifts are the mason jar dessert gifts: Fill a mason jar with hot cocoa ingredients, simple cookie recipes or even just festive candy and a cute note.

We know this gift idea involves some additional searching on your end, but we believe that the best gifts are those that have special meaning.

Pro tip: Adding small touches like handwritten notes or your child’s photo can bring a lot of sentimental value.

Another great gift idea is a wreath for their classroom.  These will spice up room decor, and can be customized to exactly what your teacher would prefer!

You could also opt for a painted flower pot.  Plant their favorite flowers for warmer months and use poinsettias for the holidays!  Use chalk paint to have the ability to change the message all year round!


2. Gift Cards for Teachers

You really can’t go wrong with gift cards.

They can seem impersonal or not as creative, but you give the gift of flexibility with gift cards.

Giving gift cards for a restaurant or movie gives teachers something to enjoy over the break.

Most teachers don’t get as much time to themselves as they probably deserve. Get them a gift card that would allow them to treat themselves with a manicure, dinner out or even just a nice cup of coffee.

…they’ll likely need the caffeine after four months with our kids.


3. School Supplies

By December, most of the supplies purchased in August are dwindling.

Teachers oftentimes have to purchase supplies and decorations for their classrooms out of their own pockets. Helping them restock on supplies goes a long way, and it would be a gift that would go back to your child as well.

If you don’t want to buy the supplies yourself, gift cards to Wal-Mart, Target, craft stores and Amazon can be huge help in preparing new lessons and projects for your child’s class.

Pro tip: A great way to present the supplies is by making a school supplies cake!  It’s super easy, but is a show stopper!


4. Membership and Subscription Gifts

Did you know that some of the same memberships and subscriptions you have can also be gifted?

Go one step further than gift cards. Try gifting an an Amazon Prime membership, Red Box gift “cards” or even gift cards to Netflix, which goes towards their regular monthly bill if they already have a membership.

This can relieve some everyday expenses for your favorite teachers to give a lower their costs.

Our team has hunted down the best subscription boxes that we think your teachers will love!

The Teacher’s Crate sends out fun and exciting products for teachers who are looking to create and enriched classroom environment.  Some of the items include supplies, mugs, learning materials, and classroom accessories.

Another box option is the Teacher Care Crate from Cratejoy (yes, this is different from the box listed above). This focuses of self care for our beloved teachers.  These will include items like snacks, soaps, lotions, calendars, and small decor items.


5. Wine. Who Doesn’t Love Wine?

If all else fails, we found a saying online, “Our child might be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us!”

You never know, wine might be just the relaxing gift they’re looking for.


We know it can be tricky to find that perfect gift for teachers, especially when we may not know a lot about them outside of the classroom.

This is why we encourage small, personal teacher gifts like supplies and gift cards. Little things can go a long way!

If you have younger kids or home school; reward yourself this year too.

All those who teach give kids the greatest gift of all: knowledge. We think that’s something to celebrate this holiday season.

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Happy Gifting!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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