Best 4th of July Traditions for Families (How to Celebrate Independence Day)

4th of July traditions are some of the best memories for many families. Life gets so busy that holidays are often the only time everyone can be together…

So this year, celebrate Indpendence Day with these fun things to do – you can carry them on as family traditions for years to come. As Kansas City grills out, lights off fireworks, and enjoys the warm weather, try a few new family traditions below:

Top 10 Simple and Fun 4th of July Family Traditions

Fun 4th of July Traditions for Families

One of the best things about holidays are the traditions that come with them.

Traditions have a way of creating a sense of comfort.

I hope this Fourth Of July you able to smile, laugh, and enjoy the value of simply being together. Find fun things to do on 4th of July that can become Independence Day traditions for years to come. While you are celebrating, be sure to keep your pets safe too!


Independence Day Activities

1) Head to a parade

One of the best things to do for the 4th of July is to bring your family to a local parade. Find things to do on 4th of July like parades, festivals, fireworks shows & other fun events! 


2) Hang an American flag together

You can use this as a teaching moment. Let this be an opportunity to educate your children on our Independence Day history.

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

3) Wear your red, white, and blue all day long!

Who doesn’t want to get dressed up? Then, capture adorable photos of your family celebrating 4th of July together! 

You can find many festive red, white & blue items at your local Dollar Store!

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

4) 4th of July cookout or neighborhood block party

4th of July BBQ! Each family can serve different items and create a potluck, 4th of July feast! Crank up the music, have a fireworks show and just let the kids be kids.

There are also many fun 4th of July activities to play: relay races, horse shoes, get out the slip and slide (learn to make your own), football or badminton, have a pie eating contest, water balloon fight…there are endless possibilities. 

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

5) Have an outdoor adventure!

Go to your favorite park, lake, or even your own back yard to have a family picnic. You can also fish at a local fishing spot, or even camp for the whole weekend

There are fun Kansas City parks & trails perfect no matter what outdoor activities you choose. 


6) Cool off at your local pool or splash park

There are tons of swimming pools around Kansas City for your kiddos to cool off! Or, if you have little ones you can head to one of the 25 Splash Parks in Kansas City.

 Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

7) Bake up something fun in the kitchen

There are too many 4th of July treats to choose from. Make a 4th of July snack: red, white and blue waffles! Let the kids get messy and be apart of the fun.

  Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

8) Grab ice cream, shakes or a snow cone 

Go to a local ice cream shop or create your own sundaes together. There are delicious options in Kansas City like, Tay’s Burger Shack or Lilo’s Shaved Ice.

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

9) Watch a free outdoor concert or movie.

This is one of our favorite 4th of July traditions. Our city has so many free concerts to choose from. Check out our 4th of July guide to find fun things to do outdoors all week long. 


10) Watch a fireworks show

Your family can enjoy many fireworks displays, as there are events all weekend long.

It is safe to say that nearly every city hosts a free fire works show. Get out there and enjoy one of the best parts of The Fourth Of July. There is also the option of putting on your own fireworks show. What kid doesn’t love to pick out their own fireworks?

Top 10 Fourth of July Simple & Fun Family Traditions

We hope you have find lots of fun things to do on 4th of July with these traditions. Our family has been doing some of these for years, so we know your kiddos will enjoy them too.

If you have other 4th of July traditions your family loves, drop them in the comments! 

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