Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 2021 (Easter Basket Fillers)

Easter will be here before we know it and the hunt will be on to find fun Easter Basket ideas for kids, along with basket fillers.

Each year, our kids look forward to Easter egg hunts and the surprise the Easter bunny left them.

However, with so many options & Easter basket ideas, it can be hard to know where to start.

Easter basket ideas

Easter Basket Ideas & Inspiration

Enjoy the season with loved ones without gorging your kids on candy. Find inspiration for the perfect Easter basket for your family below. Happy Hunting!

Looking for Kansas City Easter Egg Hunts? Easter Brunch Ideas? We’ve gathered those for you too 🙂

> The Experience Easter Basket Fillers

Giving experiences & activities instead of gifts is becoming the go-to for families. Create lasting memories with your family this year with these experience gift ideas:

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> Religious Easter Basket Idea

If you want to focus on the origin of the Easter holiday then this basket is for you. We found kid friendly things that keep the spirit of the Easter season. Bring some joy and learning to your morning with our basket suggestions:

  1. Resurrection Eggs-In this package you will receive 12 eggs that you can either put in the basket for learning or you can set them out for the morning hunt. Inside each egg is a religious trinket. The package also comes with some reading material describing the story of Easter. This great item is prepared by Family Life.
  2. The Beginner’s Bible: Come celebrate Easter sticker and activity book-This fun item is fun for elementary age kids. Find this item, written by Kelly Pulley.
  3. The Glow in the dark religious Easter Egg hunting kit-This kit is said to help your child find the ‘light of Jesus’. It comes with glow eggs with stuffers, religious sayings, and an Easter DVD.
  4. He Lives! Finger puppets- These would be a fun learning toy to go along with any basket. Your kids can have lots of fun reenacting the Easter Story. You can check out this item by Fun Express.
  5. My First Rosary An item ideal for babies and toddlers that can be played with and chewed on. It gives your tiny little loves a first exposure to the Rosary by Sacred Heart Toys.
  6. Catholic Baby’s touch and feel book This book written by James m Cafone is a great item for your little one and a great way to introduce early literacy skills.
  7. Personalized Fabric tote bags– These are great for your kids because they are multi-purpose and can be reused for other occasions. There are several designs to choose from.

> Easter Egg Themed Basket Ideas

This basket focuses on everything related to Easter eggs; ideas for decorating and incorporating them in an Easter basket.

  1. Faux eggs to dye: If you are looking for some eggs that don’t have to be boiled or eaten then these would be a great alternative. They are ready to go and made from plastic so they can be used as decorations.
  2. DIY Egg shaped string basket: This basket is a fun thing that you and your kids could prepare in advance and set out for Easter morning. Here are the directions.
  3. Egg shaped toys, puppets, tattoos, stickers and more at local Dollar Trees & Walmarts
  4. Easter Egg Fry Rings: If you want to have eggs for breakfast with fun shapes then check out these fry rings from Williams Sonoma. These are a cute addition for the little chef in your family.
  5. Unpainted Wooden Nesting Dolls: If you are familiar with the Russian nesting dolls then you might enjoy this activity. These pre-cut wooden dolls are blank so you and your kids can paint and customize them. Afterward, your child will have hours of fun stacking and unstacking the dolls while building up their problem solving skills!
  6. Egg Shaped Easter Chalk: This one is for your little artist. The chalk is large and perfect for any size hand. Kids can then have a great time making doodles all over the sidewalk.
  7. Easter Squishmallows: The are all the rage this season! Plus, they are absolutely adorable. They are so popular, you can find them almost anywhere: drug stores, Walmart, Claire’s and more.

> Candy Easter Basket Idea

This doesn’t mean you give the kids an endless supply of candy. For this one, we got a bit more creative.

  1. Candy Craft Chocolate Pen with molds: This is a kit that allows for some creativity. While the outcome will be candy, your kids will be involved in the process of creating it. Once they create the candy, then you can have gifts for the entire family.
  2. Color Scented Crayons: These pencils have a candy scented smell and would go create with a fun coloring book.
  3. Shopkins Coloring Book: If your kid is into these characters then it will be a great accomplice with the Smencils.
  4. Chocolate Scented Erasers: What are pencils without erasers? These erasers smell like chocolate and will be fun to add to this basket.
  5. Candy Chemistry: Add a little bit of science to your basket with this candy making science kit. They will learn about the chemistry involved in cooking and make some really fun treats!
  6. Playdoh Sweet Shoppe Colorful Candy box: This is a fun playdoh kit that your kids can use to make candy that won’t be eaten. There are many accessories to create different shapes and types. What a great way to avoid the sugar at Easter but still have some candy fun!

> The Little Chef Easter Basket Fillers

So often our little ones observe us cooking and preparing meals but giving them their own tools can get them involved and learn some valuable life skills!

  1. Include a gift certificate or cooking class at Taste Bud’s Kitchen!
  2. Find great cooking items that would be perfect for this basket at (Measuring spoons, Nylon kids knives, mixing utensils, mitt sets, aprons that include utensil sets and little chef hats)
  3. Babycakes Cake Pop Maker: If your kids love cake pops then this would be a fun way to get them involved in the kitchen.
  4. Plant a Pizza Garden: This is a spring friendly kit that gets your kids started on growing some of the items you need for a pizza.
  5. Melissa and Doug Play Food Cutting Set: For the little ones that aren’t quite ready for the kitchen then this play set it perfect. Kids can pretend to chop wooden foods and prepare them for a tasty feast.
  6. Melissa and Doug Sushi Slicing Wooden play food kit: This kit looks fun. Do we have any little sushi lovers out there?
  7. Disney Related Cookbooks for afterschool snacks: This 4 piece book set will give your family some fun ideas for things you can make at home relating to favorite characters!

> The Homemade DIY Easter Basket

Make something homemade. It’s a fun way to prepare an Easter basket without buying pricey toys or other store bought items.

  1. No Cook Homemade PlaydohHere is a quick recipe that you can prepare for the basket or you can separate the ingredients so your kids can prepare it themselves!
  2. Easter CraftsIf you want to set aside some craft supplies then your little ones can make some fun crafts. Here are 40+ homemade craft ideas.
  3. DIY Treats: If you are looking for a sweet treat to add to the basket as an alternative to candy then here is a link with some fun treats that you can prepare without too much effort.
  4. DIY Stuffed Animals: If you are curious about making your own Easter animals then check out this link for some patterns. These cute gifts will be a great addition to any basket.
  5. Painted Rocks- If you want to get a little artsy then add in some rocks, paints and brushes to the basket for some crafty fun.
  6. Finger Painted Flower Pots- Prepare for spring with these pots. Add in a flower pot, paints, dirt and seeds into your child’s basket for some growing fun.
  7. Scratch Paper Easter Ornaments: I know you did a few of these scratch papers, where you scratch away the black coating to see the rainbow underneath. These Easter themed ones are perfect to feature in a child’s basket!

> The Easter Bunny Basket

This basket idea is inspired by no other than the Easter Bunny himself. Check out these ideas!

  1. Bunny Easter Tote bagsThese tote bags will be eggcellent for holding those colorful eggs. There are a few different styles but I liked the burlap version best.
  2. Peter Rabbit This bunny is would be a cute addition to the basket and a fun new bedtime friend.
  3. Reeces Pieces Easter Candy Carrot Bag- Carrot shaped bags of candy are a fun bunny friendly treat.
  4. Give an Easter Movie– An Easter related movie such as Hop or It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown would be a fun addition to the basket.
  5. Give an Easter Bunny Book-You can gift The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter or The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.
  6. Easter MadlibsMadlibs are not only fun but great for learning too. Here is the link:
  7. Easter Bunny Play-Doh Set: Kiddos can build their very own Easter bunny! It’s adorable and perfect for their baskets.

> Sensory Easter Basket Fillers

For kiddos that benefit from extra sensory input, check out these sensory based basket ideas that are both fun and beneficial!

  1. Sensory play bag: Fill up an Easter or zip lock bag with related items such as grass, eggs, chick toys, scoopers..etc that can be used in a bucket or sensory tray with water.
  2. Tactile Easter Book: You can buy a touch and feel book or you can make your own using everyday items with an Easter theme. Here is a link to an egg based book idea for Braille readers. However, it can be adapted for anyone.
  3. Decorate Tactile Easter Eggs: Here is a great idea for kids with visual disabilities but it can also be a great activities for kids with sensory needs.
  4. Edible Peeps Playdoh: Here is a fun recipe for sensory play that is safe and edible for little explorers.
  5. Spring Flower Rubber Ducky Set: Perfect for bath time and for sensory water play. Check it out!
  6. Funky Egg Splat Ball: This item is great for stress relief and sensory exploration.
  7. Scented Slime with Charms: Slime is so popular, you can find it almost anywhere. Grab some pastel colors and stuff them in the Easter basket for a treat your kiddos will enjoy!

> Sports Easter Basket

If your kids love to play sports, there’s so many different Easter basket fillers you can grab!

  1. Nerf football: You can play with this pretty much anywhere and they are small enough to bring on trips
  2. Jump rope: Who doesn’t love to jump rope outside?
  3. Chiefs Gear: You can fill the basket with a hat, socks, shirt or anything else you can find that’s Chiefs related. (If your kids like soccer or baseball more, just find Sporting KC or Royals stuff)
  4. Baseball shaped chocolate: Find these at Walmart!
  5. Sports Balls for Everyone: There are so many fun games for kiddos and this is just one of them. Browse the toy aisles or Amazon to find the one perfect for your kiddo.

Easter is right around the corner and one of these ideas are sure to brighten that special morning! We hope your family has a great Easter, surrounded by loved ones. 🙂

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