Alcoholic Holiday Drink Ideas & Christmas Cocktails (We Deserve It!)

With the craziness of the year, we could all use a drink (or 3). So we gathered our favorite Christmas cocktails & holiday drinks with alcohol!

These alcoholic holiday drinks are the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit…

Christmas Cocktails & Holiday Drinks with Alcohol

Whether you’re making these at home or bringing them to a holiday get together, they’re perfect for any occasion. You can also explore our Fall Drink Ideas to mix it up!

Let us know how many you try out!

Rum & Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

An easy and deliciously indulgent drinking dessert that comes together in minutes, this Rum and Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is a boozy twist on the classic with refreshing peppermint flavor. It’s perfectly creamy and not too sweet.

Bourbon Hot Chocolate

A luscious Bourbon Hot Chocolate (vegan and dairy free hot chocolate) with just 4 ingredients is just what MY doctor ordered for the winter! A thick, rich, decadent hot chocolate with a splash of bourbon to warm you up from the inside!

Silver Slur

This easy to make recipe has only five ingredients, including ice cream. Save this drink for your next party, because the Silver Slur holiday cocktail will have everyone asking for more. 

Brandy Egg Nog

Jazz up your holidays with this sweet, creamy, nutmeg-topped homemade eggnog spiked with a hint of brandy…it’s easy to make and sure to please!

Holiday Spiced Sangria

This Holiday Spiced Sangria has delicious Christmas flavors, cinnamon, anise and cloves!

Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail

What better way to bring on the good cheer than with a Christmas cocktail named after the jolly old elf himself? With it’s coconut rim and bright red color, this Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail will most certainly bring on the holiday cheer!

Gingerbread White Russian

Jazz up the classic White Russian combination of Kahlua, vodka, and cream with traditional gingerbread spices to create one totally tasty cocktail that’s perfect for the holidays.

Cousin Eddy’s Eggnog

Enjoy our boozy Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog this Christmas! It’s creamy, delicious, and perfect way to celebrate the holidays with a houseful of family!

Hot Mulled Wine Recipe

A Swiss-German Hot Mulled Wine that is enjoyed during the holidays, or when it’s cold outside. Similar to Glogg, Quentao, Vin Chaud and Glintwein. Perfect for the holidays, It tastes like Christmas in a cup.

Eggnog Martini

Celebrate the holidays with this creamy, decadently rich Eggnog Martini. Just 3 ingredients & a few pinches of spice will create the perfect cocktail for the Christmas season.

Coconut Chai Hot Toddy

This coconut chai hot toddy is made with a generous splash of dark rum, spices and creamy coconut milk for the perfect cozy holiday drink.

Homemade Cranberry Liquor

Fresh cranberries, vodka, sugar and water turn into this delicious Homemade Cranberry Liqueur with time doing most of the work!

Boiled Custard

Boiled Custard is a traditional holiday drink enjoyed every Christmas in the southern USA states. It can be enjoyed hot or cold by kids, and adults can spike theirs!

Cranberry Champagne Cosmo

The perfect sipping cocktail with just the right amount of bubbles, this Cranberry Champagne Cosmo is perfect for ringing in the holidays.

Traditional Norwegian Glogg

Mulled wine with a Scandinavian twist. This warm traditional wine recipe is meant to warm your spirit and comfort your tastebuds. Get out your crockpot and make this great recipe for your guests this holiday season or sip it by your fireplace.

Kahlua Spiked Eggnog

A classic holiday drink with a Kahlua twist. This is a simple small batch spiked eggnog recipe that tastes like Christmas in a glass with a touch of coffee flavor. This is the seasonal drink you are looking for!

Milk Punch Recipe

This Milk Punch is luxurious, creamy, and a taste of history. If you like trying classic cocktails, this is a great Holiday cocktail with a fun past.

Cranberry Margarita

A sweet and tangy cranberry margarita made with cranberry juice and fresh lime juice. Learn to make this seasonal cocktail using our recipe.

Pomegranate Caipirinha

A ruby-like Brazilian cocktail drink made with pomegranate, lime, cachaca, sugar, and ice to celebrate the holidays. It is festive, refreshing, and delicious!

Winter Spiced Negroni

Winter Spiced Negroni is a stunning seasonal twist on the classic Negroni, featuring festive spices & charred orange. It’s not to be missed.

Mrs. Claus Cherry Christmas Amaretto Cocktail

Simple to make & fabulous to sip. Here’s a great way to cheer along the holiday season. Amaretto tops out this really holiday fabulous drink.

If you start making these cocktails now, you have plenty of time to try out the recipes before Christmas!

Drop your favorites in the comments!

Then, serve your favorites at your holiday get together with family…or just enjoy one with your partner. We hope you have an amazing & safe holiday with your family.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC