Black Friday Links and Tips: 2018 Guide to Smart Shopping

With the busyness of Thanksgiving here & the holidays coming soon, it’s time for Black Friday shopping.

Don’t end up like these Black Friday shoppers.

If you’re a savvy shopper (or want to be) check out our quick & easy Black Friday shopping scoop.

We gathered our favorite Black Friday Sale links and tips to help you catch the best Black Friday deals!

The Best Black Friday

Links & Shopping Tips

Today, Black Friday has become practically a holiday in and of itself.

Then, how…

exactly, do you survive the Black Friday sales?

We’ve got tips that are sure to make your day (or night) of shopping easy and successful!

Black Friday Tip #1: Shop at Home

If you’re looking for a quietly and successfully snag the best Black Friday deals, stay home.

Set your alarm for 2:00 am and then hop on the internet in your pajamas. Some of the amazing offers will not populate online until midnight.  Keep the links handy and be ready to make a move.

You’ll save yourself the stress of long Black Friday lines and catch some amazing deals using the online ads from retailers nationwide.

We’ve gathered some of the best Black Friday sales online.  Lots of them are LOCAL venues and entities with special offers for KC parents:


You can also skip Black Friday to participate in Cyber Monday instead. Many places will have excellent deals you can snag from your couch like, US Toy’s 30% off online sale for Cyber Monday.

Pro-tip: When you shop online, especially through Amazon, for Black Friday deals be sure to check back regularly so that you can stay up to date with their on-going sales between now and Thanksgiving.  AND follow “Brad’s Deals”, especially now, their Black Friday deals are pretty incredible.

Black Friday Tip #2: Shop Early

Let’s face it, retailers want your business and they know that families are busy this time of year.

So…a lot of companies give you early access to great Black Friday deals before the holiday.

Pro-tip: Target offers early online access to their Red Card members online. Be sure to check with your favorite stores to see if you can get early Black Friday deals this year.

More Black Friday ads for upcoming sales:

If you find a place that doesn’t allow you to shop early, you can still get ahead of the game by planning out your Black Friday sales shopping. Look at the ads online and write out what you’re planning to buy (and where).

Being prepared and planning ahead will give you the best chance at having a stress free Black Friday shopping experience.

Black Friday Tip #3: Make A Wish List

One great way to make sure that you get the best Black Friday deals this year is to make a wish list as you look over the ads the week prior.

Claim a spot on the dining room table or living room floor and get to work writing down who you’ll be shopping for, what they’re wanting for Christmas this year, and comparing ads to find the best deals.

Staying organized will help you avoid double buying or forgetting someone important on your list this year.

Ready to get a head start on the wish lists? You can take a sneak peek at Black Friday ads online early:

Black Friday Tip #4: Map It Out

Have a pretty solid idea of what you’d like to buy and from where? (either online or in the store)

It’s time to map out your Black Friday plan.

Black Friday shopping can feel overwhelming to the experienced deal-goer, so you will feel a lot better if you go in with a plan of action.  

Go through your list and look at each store you have to go to.

Let’s say, for example, you need to go to Target, Walmart, and Old Navy. If you map out your driving plan of action, then you’ll know exactly what order to shop stores in.

Knowing what time each store opens and its location on your overall route will help you save hours of your time and stress during your shopping trip.

If you haven’t ever done Black Friday shopping then you know from news reports that this isn’t something you just walk into.

There are sometimes lines city blocks long just to get in.

Take a look at your list and really ask yourself what the most important thing on the list is—focus there.

Black Friday Tip #5: Shop with Discounted Gift Cards

Sites like Raise sell discounted gift cards, so stock up on those before Black Friday! Then, you can do all your Black Friday shopping using the gift cards you purchased at a discount.

You save money before you even head out for Black Friday shopping!

Black Friday Tip #6: Check Amazon

Even though you may be getting a better deal in store, always check online.

While you are in the store, do a quick check on Amazon to see if you can find a lower price.

Often times it is cheaper online…and it comes right to you!

Black Friday Tip #7: Shop Before Black Friday

Retailers are trying to avoid the Black Friday craziness by releasing their deals early.

So, check in-store AND online before Black Friday to see if you can snag any deals early.

Who knows…maybe you can find everything on your list before Black Friday comes around. Fingers crossed. 

More Black Friday Tips to Make Your Life Easier:

  • Dress Comfortably- Imagine you are going on a four hour hike. Dress for that. Or maybe just wear your PJs?
  • Leave the Kids at Home- I would recommend leaving the kids at home, for obvious reasons. You may be buying gifts for them, but Black Friday shopping can also be dangerous, or agonizing, for kids.
  • Take a Big Purse & Leave the Coat at Home- No…we aren’t stealing anything or planning on hitting anyone on the head! This is for putting in gloves, hats, anything that won’t fit in pockets. Don’t wear a coat, a vest would be better. Less bulk and little easier to manage once you are inside.
  • Grab Coffee & Snacks at Home- Take some coffee and granola bars for energy and caffeine. And, how convenient! Store it in the big purse.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes- Wear tennis shoes for goodness sake. I have seen women in heels waiting in Black Friday lines…don’t put yourselves through that…
  • Shop for other Occasions- Got a wedding coming up? Birthday for your best friend? Make a list of upcoming holidays and celebrations that you may need a gift for. Grab them while they are on sale!
  • Don’t go Solo- If you can, it is always a good idea to bring someone along with you. Its makes the time move quicker but also comes in handy, more on that in a minute:

However you choose to Black Friday shop this year (or even if you don’t), remember to be kind.

The holidays are a time for cheer, joyfulness, and spending time with your family.

While the sales are fun and exciting, don’t let your shopping experience distract you from the beauty of the season. Have fun, score some great Black Friday deals, and be sure to check back and let us know what you got! Also, be sure to sign-up for The Scoop to get great resources like this delivered right to your inbox! You will also receive exclusive invites to Kids Club Events and movie showings.

Pro tip: If you did not score the item—do not fret! Pull the store website up on your phone find the item and place in your shopping cart, and then head to an open spot and purchase.

You may be asking—why didn’t we just do that in the first place from our nice warm house? It’s a sport my friend; the sport of Black Friday shopping.

Happy hunting!

From iFamily to Yours,

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