Make Baby Mistletoe Footprints (Easy Baby’s 1st Christmas Craft Idea)

Get crafty with your newborn for your baby’s first Christmas! Christmas crafts for kids will definitely get your family in the holiday spirit…

Create Mistletoe Footprint Art to get in the holiday spirit and remember your child’s first Christmas for a lifetime!

Make Your Own Baby Mistletoe Footprints

Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas!

We put together a fun Baby Mistletoe Keepsake tutorial for you to create your very own masterpieces at home. Take a look…

Be sure to explore the Christmas tree farms, where to visit Santa, holiday train rides & everything in between.

mistletoe keepsake footprints

Cute Christmas Crafts for Kids

There are so many Christmas crafts to make during the holidays, but Baby Mistletoes are one of our favorite holiday crafts.

…especially if this is baby’s first Christmas. Capture those little baby toes as little mistletoes!

But, how do you make Christmas Baby Mistletoes…?

How to Make Baby Mistletoes

Your baby’s little bitty footprints won’t last for long, so this holiday season get the craft paint out for the perfect holiday craft.


  • White canvas, your choice for the size
  • Green and Red craft or acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Baby Wipes
  • An extra set of hands
  • Extra embellishments: Glitter, Christmas bows, mini jingle bells,

Step 1: Have one person hold the little baby (good luck) while the other paints a foot using the foam brush.

Pro tip: Do one foot at a time so you don’t have to worry about a kicking baby getting paint all over you.

Step 2: Have the canvas on a flat surface and press the foot down to make a clear foot print. Press hard to ensure you get all parts of the little foot!

Step 3: Clean the first foot with the baby wipes then paint foot number two and press down on the canvas.  Make sure that you stagger the feet a bit apart. You will have your mistletoes!

mistletoe keepsake footprints

Step 4: Decorate your baby’s mistletoes!

Here are a few Christmas craft ideas for how to decorate and personalize your baby’s tiny toes:

  • Paint bows using red paint and a thin brush.
  • Write “Mistletoes” below the feet.
  • Embellish with an actual bow instead of paint, faux holly leaves and cherries or jingle bells.
  • Decorate around the mistletoe with Christmas colored paint using the toilet paper cardboard for circle rings or circle shaped foam brushes.
  • If you are nervous about your writing out “Mistletoe” with your own handwriting in paint, use glitter stickers!
  • Finish off with writing your child’s name and the year.

mistletoe keepsake footprints

This is a for sure way to capture a special moment that will last forever…and an easy Christmas craft for kids. Even with the messy little feet, you are sure to have some fun and lasting memories with your little one.

From iFamily to Yours,

Happy Holidays!:)

Got other holiday crafts and Christmas creations you like to make with your kids? Drop ’em in the comments below! We love Christmas crafts for kids, so we are always looking for new ideas.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Just watched baby Addyson’s Mistletoe canvas. Super easy is right. Did you use the canvas right out of the package or did you paint it white first?

  2. iFamilyKC says:

    We painted, but you don’t have to!

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