60 Acts of Holiday Kindness to Practice in Your Home this Season

The holidays remind us how important it is to be kind and give back to others.

So why not spread a little holiday cheer this season?

Check out these 60 simple acts of kindness you can do this holiday season and all year round!

60 Acts of Holiday Kindness for Your Home

Life can be scary, mean, and most of all, messy.

Remember the time when life used to seem a little slower and sweeter? It seemed like people used to literally stop and smell the roses.

Why not ease the frustration of what life brings by giving back to others?

We are always running an errand, taking the kids to activities, attending a family functions, and/or worrying about the next thing on our ever-growing to-do list.

No wonder why we sometimes to simply forget to say, “Hello” as we pass by a stranger.

The sad reality is we need acts of kindness more than ever. We all know how uplifting it can be to hear a compliment on a hard day, or how gratifying it is to have a favor done for us when we’re in over our heads.

So, get in the habit of actively seeking to brighten someone’s day.


60 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

Take a few minutes and remind your children of the importance of compassion & connection. We are our children’s greatest teachers.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Offer to rake or mow or rake a neighbor’s lawn
  2. Give your waiter or waitress a generous tip
  3. Let a manager know when you receive good customer service
  4. Write your child’s teacher a thank you note
  5. Have your child write their teacher a thank you note
  6. Encourage your child compliment the cafeteria staff at school or have them draw them a picture
  7. Deliver flowers to one of your best friends
  8. Mail your parents a hand written thank you card
  9. Write your partner a love letter
  10. Write sweet compliments your children on your bathroom mirror (dry erase markers work great!)
  11. Bake your neighbors some cookies or a cake
  12. Leave a bottle water and an encouraging note in your mailbox to your mail carrier
  13. Send your pastor an email and let them know how much you appreciate them
  14. Bring your child’s daycare teachers doughnuts
  15. Send your children’s grandparents your kids artwork in the mail
  16. Mail your family members printed pictures of you and your kids
  17. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog
  18. Offer to babysit so a friend or family member can have a night off
  19. Let someone go in front of you in line at the store
  20. Donate a new or gently used coat for kids (and adults) in need
  21. Leave a happy note in a library book for someone to find later
  22. Write and send a letter to someone in the military thanking them for their service
  23. Write notes of encouragement and leave them on a car window shield in a parking lot
  24. Create encouraging notes in side walk chalk on local side walks
  25. Invite some friends over to dinner
  26. Tell your kid(s) 15 things you love about them
  27. Call your grandparents
  28. Go on Facebook and leave a positive comment on 20 photos
  29. Give your partner a massage
  30. Sign up to ring the bell for the Salvation
  31. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day.
  32. On any holiday, remember any friends who have lost a parent the previous year and check in with them. Those will be tough days for them
  33. Put a surprise note or sketch in with your spouse’s or kid’s lunch
  34. Take an hour to write the amazing people in your life a letter telling them why they’re awesome. Some people still love getting letters!
  35. Adopt a family for Christmas
  36. Get the whole family involved in a community service or volunteer project.
  37. Find creative ways to support our troops and Vets
  38. ALWAYS say “Thank you” when you see someone in a uniform
  39. Bring dinner to your local police station or fire station
  40. Buy an extra cup of coffee in the morning and give to a co-worker
  41. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids
  42. Donate your blood at a blood drive
  43. Tell someone you’ve fought with that you’re sorry and that you forgive them
  44. Leave extra time in a parking meter
  45. Encourage someone who is working hard at the gym
  46. Cook a meal for your partner
  47. Attend recitals and games for the kids of your friend(s)
  48. Offer to pick up your friend’s children after school
  49. Shower the pediatric wing of a hospital with coloring supplies
  50. Give a loved one your undivided attention
  51. Attend an event without your phone
  52. Give your child a big hug
  53. Write yourself an “I am proud of you” letter
  54. Buy yourself a journal and use it every day
  55. Call your best friend
  56. Plan a family vacation
  57. Go visit an out of town relative
  58. Make a funny family video
  59. Support a friends’ business and buy something from them
  60. Give back by shopping locally

We know these 60 holiday kindness ideas only scratch the surface.

How do you show kindness around the holidays and throughout the year? We’d love to hear your simple acts – share your kindness with us!

Give us your kindness & volunteer ideas in the comments:

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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