Tips on Water Safety For Kids from Aqua Tots [Prevent Water Accidents]

We can all agree water safety is important for our kids.

Summer is filled with kids swimming & playing at the lake, but water safety is important year-round. Rest easy knowing your family is prepared for safe water experiences.

First check out these steps to see how prepared your family is…then think about swim lessons if extra practice is needed. Want more valuable info for your kiddos? Get the KC scoop now!

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Water Safety For Kids Tips from Aqua Tots

According to the CDC, drowning ranks 5th in the United States for causes of unintentional deaths. Each day, 10 people die from drownings; 2 of those kids.

Prevent water accidents in the Kansas City community with these water safety tips from Aqua Tots.

Water Safety & Parents

Tips from Aqua-Tots.

Parents can prepare their children for summer & year-round water safety – against drownings and other water accidents. There are steps you can take to prepare your children to be around water & create good water safety habits for kids.

Check out how you can help prepare your child:

  • Parents can learn CPR to ensure if something does happen, you are prepared to handle the situation as best you can.
  • Stay within visual proximity whenever your kids are around water. (bath time, pools, lakes, ponds, backyards)
  • Ensure you have kids life jackets whenever in open water or on boats.
  • Listen for long periods of quiet, unless it is nap time. (Also listen for sounds of splashing or running water)
  • Enroll your kids in swim lessons

If at all possible don’t leave children unattended around water. Children should always be watched around pools, lakes, or other areas like ponds. Water accidents can happen in even shallow water. 

You can also enroll your children in swim lessons to improve swim skills & help your kids feel comfortable around water. 

3 Pool Rules for Water Safety

Drownings and other swimming accidents can happen to strong swimmers too. It is important to have set rules for your kids to follow at pools & other water bodies. This ensures consistency and helps to instill good habits when kids are swimming.

Children are more likely to get hurt if they play rough or run around pool areas, but if they know the pool rules you can increase their safety. Teach your kids these water safety rules to ensure a safest environment for your kiddos. 

  1. No rough play in or around water.
  2. No one swims alone. Children should always swim with a buddy.
  3. Clean up all pool toys & put them away.

Constantly thinking about water safety can be hard, but these rules can help your kids protect themselves. Check out this video about backyard pool safety & how to keep your kids the safest possible around swimming pools this Summer.

Not Swim Season? Drownings Still Occur.

Drownings can occur outside of Summers at the pool. Keep in mind these water safety in your home, outdoors…any time there is water involved.

In general….

  • Keep gates and fences locked that allow entry into pools, ponds, or other bodies of water.
  • Always keep an eye on kids when around water.
  • Remember water safety isn’t just for pools. Bathtubs, buckets, ponds, rivers & other bodies of water require water safety too.

Your bathrooms & kitchens can be dangerous too. Don’t leave water in the bathtub or other buckets over night or unattended. Also make sure to close the lid of toilets. (This can be one you don’t consider at 1st)

Tip: Keep the bathroom door closed at all times and consider purchasing a child safety device for toilets in reach of your small children.

Swim Lessons Improve Swim Skills

Ensuring your kids can swim is vital to their safety. Even if your child already knows how to swim, increased exposure to water will create strong swim skills & increase their comfort around water. Swim lessons can save your child’s life.

Learn why this mom’s decision to enroll her child in swim lessons was life changing. 

Swim skills saved her sons life.

Aqua-Tots swim lessons are for kids of all ages and skill levels, from 4 months to 12 years old. Swim lesson options include infant and babies, toddler classes, and lessons for older kids/adults. Special needs swimming lessons are also available for all ages. Learn more about Aqua Tots Olathe & if the swim school is the right fit for your family.

Swim Safety from Swim Instructors

Swim instructors are extensively trained to ensure your kid’s swim lesson uses industry leading practices. Aqua Tots swim instructors receive 30 hours of class work and in-the-water training. Instructors have passed swim exams and CPR training prior to their first lesson.

Aqua Tot’s curriculum develops lifelong swim skills and love for swimming. Their staff will help you determine which swim lesson level is best for your child, so you can know they are getting the best education. Their BRAND NEW swim school is also a great feature. 🙂

Rest easy knowing Aqua Tots will make sure your kids feel comfortable and safe. To schedule a tour of Aqua Tot’s new facility or learn more about swim lessons call (913) 353-9852 or visit the Aqua Tots Olathe website.

We hope these tips help your family feel more at ease this Summer & whenever your kids are around water. This article is in partnership with Aqua Tots Swim Schools, an industry leader in swim lessons & swim instructors. Also, don’t miss a beat with The Scoop delivered right to your inbox. Sign-up now to get our Weekend Planner delivered right to you every week!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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