Fun Trunk or Treat Decorations: Theme Ideas for Your Car

With Halloween looking a little different this year, trunk or treating may too. But you can still decorate your car!

Time to bust out the costumes, candy, and jack-O-lanterns for a spooky trunk or treat event!

If you need ideas for trunk or treat decorations, look below for some design ideas..

Fun Trunk or Treat Decoration Ideas

Trunk or Treating in Kansas City is a great option when you can’t trick or treat in their neighborhoods, or if you have little ones. You can trick or treat many places in a small space – not much walking for them…

But how to decorate your car for trunk or treating? There are so many cute ideas to decorate your vehicle!

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration for your trunk is if your family is dressing up as a group. Here are some of my favorite themed options. You can also find other Halloween resources:

Trunk or Treat Decorations & Themes

Safari Theme

Are the kids going as animals? Especially for tots, there are usually a ton of adorable elephant and lion costumes around. Parents can dress as animals too, or as explorers.

Bring some houseplants, fake snakes and a few stuffed animals to decorate your trunk. Bonus points for playing some animal sounds!  (There are some free apps you can download to play these)

You could also make a killer playlist with songs that take you to someplace warmer. Think Toto’s ‘Africa’, Glass Animal’s ‘Pools’, and Kool & the Gang’s ‘Jungle Boogie’ to get you started.

Hotel Transylvania

I haven’t seen this used yet, so maybe you could be the first! My kids love the Hotel Transylvania films and this gives a fresh spin to that vampire costume you probably have left over somewhere.

There are a lot of characters, so it should be fairly easy to flush out who’s going to be whom. This is also easy to decorate. Standard Halloween decorations- bats, spiders, spider webs with a bed in the trunk (a hotel room, get it?)

Be sure to make a sign for your hotel and maybe a no vacancy one too!

Frozen Theme

What child doesn’t love frozen?

Enlist your children to help make paper snowflakes (a fun art project too!) then hang them throughout your trunk! You can also buy Styrofoam beads to act a snow. You can also challenge your kids to see what ideas they can come up with from the movie…

If you really want to bring out the theme, create Olaf out of pillow cases & other pieces you find around the house.

Monsters, Inc. Decor

With the reboot of Monsters Inc, this theme is super popular again!

Lots of little kids still like dressing up like Boo and Halloween always brings this movie back into circulation. You can add string “doors” together on a rope to make a decoration to go across the back of your car.

9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Bonus points for making this board! (below) Here it was used at a college, but I think it would be cute to have kids pick a door and get a candy from inside. If it’s too difficult to pass candy that way, maybe just put in a picture of the wrapper, and they get whatever type of candy they find.

9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Kansas City

KC has another level of love and I am so happy to be a part of it. I’m sure there will be a few Royals and Chiefs players out there. There are a lot of creative ideas to make this work for you, but here a couple of my favorites.

You could make a small diamond or football field out of paper for kids to run around and put up for favorite banners in the trunk like they did here (ignore the Yankees).

9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Or pay homage to the city as a whole by dressing up as some of your favorite famous Kansas Citians and make a cardboard skyline. Bonus points for adding twinkly lights.

It’s not always easy to get everyone on the same page for costumes and so if you have a mixture of characters with you, here are some ideas for a more generic take on trunk or treating.

Spider Attack

Spider webs are everywhere this time of year, so pick up a few bags and go wild. You can wrap them around the car, inside the trunk, be as bold as you want to.

Sprinkle plastic spiders through the webbing. This is a cheap and easy option. Bonus points for putting a giant inflatable spider on top of your car.

Pirate Booty

A treasure chest makes an obvious choice to hold the candy for the kiddos. Nearly everyone has had a pirate themed party at some point, here’s a nice chance to reuse those decorations.

Bonus points for a life-sized skeleton dressed up as a pirate.

 9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Giant Mouth

Giant teeth, two eyes and you’re done! This is a pretty basic and classic option. It’s always a good choice.

You can also purchase decor sets online that include all pieces you will need to outfit your car for trunk or treating.

9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Yellow Brick Road

This is a classic Kansas reference and easy to put together. You can do this one as a theme and dress as characters from the movie or it can stand-alone.

You could also have 2 legs coming out of your car with red slippers, to represent Dorthy!

9 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treating

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

There are a couple different ways to play this.

I think it would be cute (and easy) to simply transfer the pumpkins and decor from your front porch and set it up here. Add some rocking chairs and make it look like kids are still going up to a porch. Bonus for a light fixture and fake fence.

The other option is to look like a pumpkin patch. Put a green blanket out with some pumpkins. You can add a pumpkin patch sign and maybe even a little Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

No matter how you choose to decorate your trunk or trunk or treating, have fun. You can go as big as you want to.

As long as you don’t forget the candy, the kids will like it. In fact, if you really want to impress, skip the decorations and just get king-sized candy bars. 😉

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