You Can Go Fishing in MO & No License Needed as of Friday

They say it’s still OK, and actually recommended, to get outside and move, get some fresh air, as long as we follow the no crowd rules associated with social distancing. Going fishing with your child is a great way to do that.


Due to the Coronavirus, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Missouri Conservation Commission provided the following announcement:

“…..they are temporarily waiving permit requirements for sport fishing and daily trout tags for Missouri residents and nonresidents whose fishing privileges are not otherwise suspended.”


They also stated:

“The waiver of needing a permit or trout tag to fish will run from Friday, March 27, through April 15. MDC will reassess the situation at that point. All season dates, methods, and limits will continue to apply and be enforced.”


Read the entire official statement here. And check out our article about best fishing spots all around town, MO and KS too, HERE.