21 Things to Do on a Snow Day in Kansas City (Snow Day Activities)

Who doesn’t love a snow day?

Snow days were always something we looked forward to growing up, but now as a parent…Not so much lol.

Being stuck inside can be one of many things – a day for catching up on my work and feeling totally productive, or it can be a train wreck of junk food, pajamas and kids constantly saying “im bored!”

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of things to do on a snow day (inside & outside) that will make the next one totally worth it…

Things to do on a Snow Day & Fun activities

Things to Do on a Snow Day in KC

There are so many fun things to do on a snow day, so check out these fun activities below.

Fingers crossed it snows this year…Have fun! 

Snow Day Activities for Inside:

1. Make snowflakes

One of the coolest and cheapest things to do on a snow day is to make snowflakes out of coffee filters. You can buy a bunch for only a few bucks. Fold your coffee filter 4 times and cut away. Open it up for a beautiful and unique design.

Then, spend the afternoon hanging your new creations around the house to bring the snow day feelings inside!

2. Watch Snow Day

One of our favorite Nickelodeon movies growing up was Snow Day. Throw the classic film on and pop some popcorn. Or just choose a different movie!

3. Winter movie marathon

There are tons of movies that are based around winter time, Christmas, snow days and so on. Start the day off in your jammies and binge some great movies

4. Drink hot cocoa

Hot cocoa, in our opinion, could be made anytime of the year. On the next snow day, set up a cocoa bar with some of your favorite toppings like whipped cream and chocolate chips. 

Then, you can play games or watch a movie together!

5. Play games

Being snowed in is the perfect time to dig out those board games and a deck of cards. Play great games like spoons, Uno, 21, or any other classic board game. You can also check out our Family Game Night guide for more ideas!

6. Read a winter book

Like movies, there are so many books that focus around winter time. Find a book about a snow day online that you can read on your Kindle (or if you can check one out before the snow comes at your local library) and read it together as a family.

7. Sit around a fire

If you have a fireplace, light it up and get cozy. Drink your favorite drink (or hot chocolate you made from the idea above), read your favorite book or spend time talking with your kids about snow days.

8. Bake snowman cookies

Whether you make them from scratch or use store-bought the dough, make your very own snowman cookies. Don’t forget the buttons and nose. 

You can use food coloring, or get creative and use nuts, fruit or anything else you can find. 

9. Make marshmallow crafts

Use some of those older marshmallows to make some super fun and snowy crafts. Glue them onto paper to make igloos, stick them on toothpicks to make snowflakes or string them to make fun decorations.

If you don’t have marshmallows, try to build gingerbread houses out of cardboard!

10. Go snowball bowling

Grab some plastic cups and these fake snowballs for some indoor snowball bowling. Don’t have time to order these? Roll up some socks and it’s just as fun!

You can also use these these fake snowballs for an indoor snowball fight!

11. Put together a puzzle

Puzzles are a great thing to do on a snow day. You can spend hours completing a challenging one!

If you don’t have a puzzle, make your own by cutting up pictures from an old magazine.

12. Toast marshmallows

Use that blazing fire to toast up some delicious marshmallows! Don’t forget the grahams and chocolate to turn them into s’mores.

13. Have a dance party

Play your favorite songs or create a themed list of music ( songs that start with A’, B, C etc) and dance like no one is watching.

Snow Day Activities for Outside:

If you want to get out and play in the snow, check out these fun snow day ideas for outdoors!

1. Build a snowman

We all know what to do on a snow day, answer Anna and say yes! I wanna build a snowman lol. 

If there’s not enough snow to build a full-size snowman, build mini snowmen for fun snow day activities. 

2. Have a snowball fight

Building a snowman isn’t the only fun activity to do on a snow day. Get everyone dressed warmly and head outside for a friendly snow ball fight.

3. Hold a scavenger hunt

Get outside and look for animal prints, snowmen, matching gloves and hats..whatever! You can use our Nature Scavenger Hunt to make a snow day version. How many can you find on the list?

4. Make a snow angel

While you are building that snowman, grab a buddy and make some snow angles!

5. Go sledding

Another snow day activity that everyone loves it going sledding. Venture out to the biggest hill in your neighborhood (or one not so big) and enjoy the rush of sledding down a snowy hill.

You could also do a few more of these activities while you’re out sledding!

6. Paint the snow

Plain snow can be boring… so why not paint it?!

Grab some squeeze bottles, cool water and food coloring. Mix the water and food coloring in the bottles to your likeness and go crazy outside. Add vibrant colors to your snowmen, make red snowflakes or create a unique picture in a pile of now. If you want to combine a few of these snow day ideas, add accessories and paint the snow angels you’ve made!

7. Make a snow fort

Grab those shovels and start digging and building. Make a snow fort to hide in and escape the snowballs.

8. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

As soon as the snow starts to come down, head outside and see how many snowflakes you can catch in your mouth. 

If the snow has already fallen, just throw snow in the air and act like it’s snowed 😉

Snow days come and go, but the memories and what you make of them last forever. The next time school or work is canceled for a snow day, try one of these snow day activities to beat cabin fever and have an awesome snow day.

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