Check Out These Fun Summer Traditions around Kansas City

Happy Friday, Kansas City! Not only are we coming up on the weekend, but summer break is right around the corner. We here at iFamilyKC reached out to our Mom Squad to share some of their favorite summer traditions, and Brigette did not disappoint. She shares a few of her fun and simple traditions below. Take a look!

Check Out These Fun Summer Traditions around Kansas City

Check Out These Fun Summer Traditions around
Kansas City

In our family traditions come in many, many forms. Some of my favorite traditions are during summertime. Typically we would be celebrating the last days of school and having field days. Before moving back to Kansas City, one thing we always did was go on family vacations to visit Kansas City and explore my childhood town. Since we’ve moved back, we will continue some of our old traditions and start some new ones as well!


Our first tradition is visiting water/splash parks.

I’m a sucker for free, so this is always on my to do list during the summer. One of our favorite splash parks is located at Pearson park in the Turner district. There are Picnic tables right next to the park so it’s perfect for taking sack lunches and enjoying popsicles. My family and I could stay there all day!


Our next favorite tradition is dollar shows and matinees.

My kids love the movies but I hate paying full price for tickets because they’ll end up missing a third of the movie anyway. Most Cinemark’s have summer family deals where they show classic family movies and have super discounted tickets! On days when it’s just too hot to do anything we head straight for the movies, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Weekend or Day trips from Kansas City

My kids have spent most of their lives there so I know it will be great to see old friends and of course our family! Believe it or not but my family enjoys road trips! I know it sounds crazy, but there is something about exploring the different routes and cities along the way! We just make sure we pack EXTRA snacks and toys to keep them occupied.


Writing this piece has me so excited for summer and the adventures that await us!


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