Storytime Online with Betty White and Other Celebrities

We can all agree, we’re constantly looking for new ways to entertain and educate the kids from home. 

…easier said than done when this is going to last through the summer. 

Storytime online is a wonderful option!

Betty White Storytime online


Who Reads for the Storytimes?

There are TONS of celebrities reading online – some you know & some your kiddos know…

Betty White, Kristen Bell, Sean Astin, Rose Byrne, James Earl Jones, Rashida Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Elijah Wood and many more, read a children’s favorite to the kiddos.

You can search their online library by author, reader, title or even run time to find even more storytimes you didn’t know existed. 

It can fill SO much of your free time, while also being educational!

Storyline Library of videos

How is Reading Helpful?

Reading aloud to kids improves their reading, communication and writing skills, while also improving logical thinking and concentration. 

If your children are too young to read themselves, this can help them to follow along and learn through demonstration and listening. 

We all know that reading, aloud or otherwise, increases general academic aptitude and it of course can also inspire a lifelong love of reading.

This is a great way to supplement what you read to and with the kids.

Are There Other Virtual Storytimes?


There are so many other places you can watch storytimes online. 

Check out the complete guide to virtual storytimes to find even more ways to read & have fun at home.

Reading from Outer Space & Frozen 2 character reading are just 2 of the fun activities for kids!

Storyline Instagram

Educators have long used Storyline Online in their classrooms, and nurses and doctors are known to play Storyline Online in children’s hospitals too. 

Now you’re in on this awesome secret. 

Who knew so many celebrities would read to you in your own home…?!

Join in on the fun. Download the app and subscribe to their Youtube channel.  

The kids will love it and so will you!


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Have fun reading & listening!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC