9 Best STEM Toys for Kids: What STEM Toys Should My Child Have?

We can all agree…science, technology, engineering & math are considered the ‘hard’ subjects. 

It takes a lot of brainpower to excel at those subjects and many of us don’t think they come naturally like English and Art.

Believe it or not, your kid is a natural engineer…

So, you need STEM toys for kids in your home!

Best STEM Toys for Kids

The Best STEM Toys for Kids

Help your kids be the most successful they can be. 

If you’ve ever watched your children take things apart, you’ll understand that STEM learning is part of our kids DNA. 

It’s our jobs as parents to nurture those abilities to help them fully grasp this ability to help them excel in life. The awesome thing with the tech toys for kids is that they are not only fun, but they teach skills that can help your kids excel with their careers and in life

There are many STEM toys for kids, so how do you pick the best ones for your kids?


How Do You Choose Tech for Kids?

The secret to getting the right ones is to select toys your children already enjoy. 

Have children who like to read, pick books that have STEM activities involved.  You have kids who enjoy playing on smartphone and tablets, get STEM apps as opposed to letting them play Fortnite.

When selecting STEM toys for kids, make sure they are going to be entertaining and educational.  There’s no point in spending money on toys that your children find boring and have no desire to play. Choosing the wrong set of STEM toys can make your kids not want to use them.  

There are a lot of STEM toys out there for kids.  Which ones are the best, check out the following list. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


9 Best STEM Toys for Kids

1. The Boolean Box 

The Boolean Box is a build-it-yourself computer and electronics kit for girls, but boys can take advantage of this cool toy too.

Kids can use this STEM toy to learn electronics building skills, coding, and animating. Just open the box and connect it to your TV with an HDMI connection.

Kids can create their own projects or use the free online Boolean University. It is recommended for children ages 8 & up. 


2. Minecraft Educational Edition

Your kid is probably already addicted to this game.

So, this tech toy allows your kids to create and build their own worlds using software they are already familiar with!

Many parents are finding out Minecraft isn’t a complete time waster because to be successful in the game, kids must utilize engineering and communication skills.  Ages 7+ Available from the app stores of Google, Apple and Microsoft. 

You can also find books on how to use Minecraft educationally, The Minecraft STEM Lab & Minecraft Educational Edition: Making the Most of Minecraft


3. Augie or Other Robots

Robots are always cool for kids, especially when kids have one where they can control the robot’s movement.

Augie is the first children’s robot that supports augmented reality, coding, and creative play. This makes it the perfect STEM toy for kids!

Children can control the robot’s movements, play Augmented Reality games and record their own funny sounds. It is recommended for kids ages 5+ amd is available at Amazon.


4. Pai Technology Circuit Conductor

This tech toy teaches your child about electricity, currents, and magnets through fun, imaginative STEM play. 

Kids can use electrical function blocks and wires to build fun circuits and learn about electricity. The Pai Technology Circuit Conductor comes with everything you need – even an app!


5. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Yes, it’s a tablet, but with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is you have access to Amazon’s library of thousands of STEM books, games, and videos which are designed to be age-appropriate for your kid. 

Your children will have access to a wealth of knowledge!


6. Cube – Tastic Puzzle

This cube will help your child develop problem-solving skills, memory and hand eye coordination. This cube-tastic tech toy helps stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills too!

Solve the 3-dimensional cube with the help of app – it comes with it! This STEM toy is for kids ages 5 & up. 


7. Ocean Pets

This is the perfect STEM Toy for kids who love animals. It allows you to create your own ocean!

Children can use the special putty and ocean templates to create their own ocean pets. Once they create their own Ocean Pets, they can scan them into the app and see them come to life!

Ocean Pets also creates interesting facts about the sea and the animals that live there. This is recommended for children 3 & older. 


8. Pai Storybooks

These storybooks give your children an interactive & unique way to experience reading. Plus, it integrates with their free app! 

Your children will enjoy the 360 degree pop-out animations in the book. Kids can even customize each character in the book.

It is recommended for children 3 & older, but if you are reading the books to your child, these could be a great educational toy at any age. 


9. KLUTZ Maker Lab Circuit Kit

This is a series is a STEM-based products that introduces kids to topics like robotics, circuitry, building & engineering. Each toy comes with everything your children need to get started.

The toys come with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, so your kids can start learning quickly!

You want to choose STEM toys that are age appropriate, but don’t rely too much on the age rating on the box. 

You’ll be surprised to know that sometimes kids can handle STEM toys that are several years above their age range.

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