46 Sledding Hills in Kansas City (Full List)

The best sledding hills in Kansas City are those that we have fond memories at. But there are also other less-known places to sled around town. 

So we compiled a complete list of all the sledding spots. 

Check out the fun places to play in the snow near you!

Best Sledding Hills in Kansas City

The Best Sledding Hills in Kansas City

It’s time to play in the snow!

Sledding is one of the best things to do when it snows, so check out the best sledding hills all around town. They are grouped together by city, so it is easy to find fun sledding hills near you…

Belton, MO

  •  Mad Dog Hill (Richard Gebaur)

This is one of the best sledding hills in Missouri. There is a large area to sled so children can safely play. It is located on the Calvary University campus – 155th and Westover. 

Blue Springs, MO

  •  Ward Park Sledding Hill

This is a smaller sledding area, so if you have smaller children, they can safely sled and play in the snow here. 

  •  Keystone Park Sledding Hill

This is the largest sledding hill in Blue Springs, so come check it out with your family! It is very popular in the area. 

  • William Landahl Park Reserve

The sledding hill has some gravel, so consider this when choosing a sledding hill. It is a small hill, so if there are a lot of people there is can be crowded quickly. Sledding is located on the north side of the park. 

Grandview, MO

  •  Belvidere Park

This sledding hill is located at 6509 E 147th St. and also has a playground for your little children to play on while older kids sled!

  • High Grove Elementary School 

This sledding hill is behind the elementary school at 2500 High Grove Rd.

  •  Meadowmere Park

Located at 13610 Byars you can come sledding with your entire family. There is also a lake nearby. 

Independence, MO

  •  McCoy Park 

This sledding hill is located off 24 highway. 

  •  Glendale Elementary School

This is a smaller sledding hill (less steep), so it is great for smaller children. Older kids will also think it is fun, because it is somewhat steep. Located at 2611 Lees Summit Rd. 

  •  Blackburn Elementary School

This sledding hill is shaped like a bowl, with multiple hills to sled. You can also sled on a steeper hill that is nearby. Great for all ages – this is a great sledding hill for little kids. 

  •  William Chrisman High School 

You can sled a block from the high school, so you may have to walk a tad, but it is definitely worth it! Most people park in nearby parking lots. 


  •  Wyandotte County Lake Park

Come sledding with your kids at 91st & Leavenworth Rd. The hill is sometimes busy as it is well-known and large, but there is plenty of space for everyone to sled!

  •  Pierson Park Sledding Hill

This sledding hill is located at 55th Street, in front of Pierson Elementary. It’s a long walk back to the top, but a safe sledding spot for younger kids. 

  •  City Park

This steep sledding hill is at the City Park next to I-70, near the animal shelter. There is a big area to park and multiple places to sled so your kiddos have options. 


  •  Brookside Park “Suicide Hill”

The is one of the best sledding hills in Kansas City! Everyone has memories of this hill from your childhood, so bring your kiddos to have some fun too!

There are multiple sledding hills to choose from near the tennis courts, so all your children will be happy. 

  •  Loose Park

There are multiple hills to sled on at Loose Park. If you have kids of all ages, there are great places for each of them to play – with different hill steepness. 

  •  Penn Valley Park

This sledding hill is 28th & Wyandotte in downtown KC. You can see it from the highway – a very steep hill, but super fun!

  •  Westwood Park

This is a moderately steep sledding hill, but there are different areas where small children can sled safely. Located at 47th & State Line Rd. 

  • White Oak Park

Located at 89th Street & Crescent in Kansas City, MO.

  • Gillham Park 

Located 39th to Brush Creek, there is plenty of space to park and multiple sledding areas, so it isn’t crowded. 

  • Avila University

If you live near State Line Rd. , come sledding at 119th and Wornall.

  •  Kansas City Museum Hill 

Located on Gladstone Blvd.

  •  Blue Valley Park 

There is a small sledding hill, where kids can safely play in the snow. Visit 2301 Topping Ave. to sled with your kiddos. Park on street. 

  •  Swope Memorial Golf Course

You can also sled at Swope Park Frisbee Golf Course, located at Elmwood St & Gregory Blvd.

  •  Arleta Park

Located at 77th St & Prospect Ave. in Kansas City, MO.

  •  Sheffield Park

These sledding hills are great for kids to play on! There aren’t dangerous areas, so kids can safely sled here – steep enough for fun, but not too crazy. Located at E. 12th St. & Winchester. 

  •  Blue River Park Athletic Field

Located at I-470 & Holmes, this sledding hill is medium steepness. 

  •  104th St. & 435

This is a lesser-know sledding hill, so if you’re looking for less crowded sledding hills, this is a good option for you! The hill is a good steepness, so it is safe, but there are some natural humps that cam send you into the air. 

Leawood, MO

  •  Leawood Pioneer Library 

This is the main Leawood Library at Town Center Plaza. You can sled around the back of the library!

  • Gezer Park

This park has small sledding hills for small children. It is located at 133rd & Mission Rd, across from Price Chopper & the elementary school. 

  •  Leawood City Park

Leawood City Park has sledding hills, as well as a playground and other areas to play in the snow. 

Lenexa, KS

  •  Sar-Ko Park Sledding

You can sled near the tennis courts, with lots of parking available. Small children can also find smaller hills, but the main hill will definitely get some wind in your face. 

Lees Summit, MO

  •  Douglas Rd & Chipman

On the other side of the street from Lea McKeighan Park you can sled with your kiddos! The slope is small, so little children can sled too. Located at 120 NE Chipman Rd.

  •  Delta Woods Middle School

Located at 4401 NE Lakewood Way.

Liberty, MO

  •  William Jewell College

This sledding hill is located on the college campus. You can park at the top of the hill so you don’t to walk up it every time, but there is also parking at the bottom. 

  •  Pleasant Valley Church

Liberty has a couple of great hills. They are located at 35 & 291 hwy off the outer road.

North Kansas City, MO

  • Waterworks Park (NE 32nd St & N Oak Trfwy)

 just north of Burlington in North Kansas City – multiple hills here!

Olathe, KS

  •  119th & KC Road

This is a steep sledding hill in Olathe, so it may not be the best for little ones. 

  •  137th and BlackBob

While this sledding hill is listed on the internet, the owner recently planted trees and metal poles to hold them up so if you are going to sled here, you need to be careful. 

Overland Park, KS

  •  Corporate Woods Sledding Hill

This is one of the best sledding hills in Overland Park. There is tons of parking, multiple sledding hills and it’s steep!

Since it is such a well-known hill, it can be crowded, so you check out the hill behind the apartment complexes at 110th & Antioch too. 

  •  Jewish Community Center 

This sledding hill is located at 115th & Nall Ave, with multiple places to sled in the area. You can also sled nearby at the Leawood Library. 

  •  Grace Church

This sledding hill is located at 159th & Antioch. It is a moderately steep hill, but there is a lot of room to slow down. It is definitely a safe area for kids to sled!

Parkville, MO

  •  McKay Hill 

This sledding hill is at Park University in Parkville. There are different areas to sled, with fun hills (that are pretty steep)

Shawnee, KS

  •  Stump Park

Located at 47th & Woodland.

  •  Shawnee Mission Park

79th & Renner Road – offers numerous sledding options, though some hills are off limits. The back side of the dam is reported to be the best sledding spot for all ages and levels of adventure.

Weston, MO

  •  Tubing at Snow Creek is always a fun option!

No matter where you choose to play on snow days, your family is sure to have fun sledding in Kansas City! If you know of other sledding hills for kids around town, drop them in the comments. 

Be safe while you’re sledding!

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